Measuring a fever – what is the most reliable thermometer?

What to do if your child is sick? Often the first logical answer is to take the temperature. But what is the best way to measure a temperature increase or fever? And which brand and type of thermometer is the most accurate? Research by Kaz Europe, the maker of Braun thermometers, provides both useful and surprising answers. What to do if your child is sick? Often the answer is: take the temperature. We always knew the mercury thermometer, which as a child was pushed under your armpit (or in another ‘dark place’). But what is the daily reality today? What do we do when a child is sick? What kind of fever thermometer do we have at home? And what is actually the best way to measure a fever? Kaz Europe, the maker of Braun thermometers, conducted research that answers all those nagging questions. A bit of traditional research, yes. Even a bit old-fashioned actually. Because the logical caregiver of a child in this study is apparently the mother, and she is the only one who comes into the picture. The fact that we – fortunately – also have more and more caring and involved dads remains out of the picture. Anyway, maybe a nice topic for a next study – into caring fathers!

First take the temperature

What do European mothers do when their child is sick? According to Kaz Europe, manufacturer of Braun thermometers, mom measures the temperature first. This applies to three in five, or an average of 59% of mothers. It is striking that each country has a different response. In the Netherlands, only one in twenty mothers (less than five percent) with a sick child contacts their GP. In France things are very different. No fewer than 44 percent of French mothers call their doctor! And fortunately, Dutch mothers are not so quick to give a pill. While more than half (!) of English mothers give a painkiller, only about a tenth of Dutch mothers do so. Another popular wisdom is that a sick child should drink more. More than half of British and German mothers have listened carefully: that number of women ensure that their child drinks a lot of fluid when it is sick. Only about a quarter of Dutch women see benefit from this measure.

The research: how and what?

The research discussed in this article was conducted by for Kaz Europe. conducted computer-assisted Internet interviews with 4,216 female Web visitors using its reSEARCH platform. Respondents to the survey were aged between 24 and 45 and were drawn on an ad hoc basis from quotas in Germany, the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom.


Almost everyone has one

It will come as no surprise that virtually all households surveyed in Europe have a thermometer at home. But its use varies greatly from country to country. Research by Kaz / Braun shows that one in five (about 20 percent) of Dutch mothers always takes a thermometer when a child is sick, or when mom herself is not feeling well. That percentage increases rapidly for French mothers (30 percent) and German (40 percent). It is striking that no fewer than 60% of Dutch households have at least two thermometers. Perhaps a consequence of the increase in the number of children an average household has in recent decades? Of course, almost forty percent of mothers say that accuracy in taking temperatures is important to them. Less obvious is the research result, that the ear is a place for taking temperatures that is popular in all European countries.

Braun: who, what and how

Braun is a subsidiary of Procter & Gamble. The company was founded in Germany in 1921. The company manufactures a wide range of small household appliances in which innovation, reliability and creative design go hand in hand. The program ranges from electric shavers and beauty products to appliances for household use. Braun products are distributed worldwide. Visit for the latest news and detailed information about the Braun brand.


Ear measurement the most popular

This means that European mothers are in good hands en masse. Emanuela DAloisio, Brand Manager Healthcare at Kaz Europe SA: Ear measurement is the most reliable way of measuring temperatures because the eardrum uses the same blood supply as the part of the brain that regulates the body’s temperature. As a result, the temperature in the ear always perfectly matches the body temperature.

Braun Thermoscan IRt 4520: best ear thermometer according to doctors

What is the best ear thermometer according to European doctors? The Braun ThermoScan® IRT 4520. That sounds a bit like ‘We at WC Duck recommend WC Duck.’ But this result really comes from a study by the renowned market research agency GFK France among doctors and pediatricians in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. What is special about this thermometer? Unlike other ear thermometers, Braun’s thermometer has a patented preheated tip, which means that touching the ear thermometer has no cooling effect on the ear canal. As a result, the temperature of the thermometer is close to that of the human body, so that the accuracy of the measurement is increased. There are many differences between European mothers, but they all agree that accuracy is important when it comes to measuring their children’s temperatures. The Braun ThermoScan® IRT 4520 guarantees this accuracy, says Emanuela DAloisio.

KAZ, world leader in home health and comfort products

Kaz is one of the world’s leaders in developing and marketing high-quality branded products for consumer use in the healthcare and home comfort fields. Every aspect of product development – from in-house consumer research to product operation and consumer care – is focused on providing quality products. Kaz is active in more than 65 countries on six continents. Kaz was founded more than 80 years ago when founder Max Katzman invented the world’s first electric atomizer. Today, Kaz is a $500 million company selling products from global brands such as Vicks, Braun and Honeywell. This concerns all kinds of products, from humidifiers, atomizers, thermometers, blood pressure monitors, air purification equipment and fans to portable heaters. Kaz has been managed by the Katzman family for three generations. The Braun TrueScan BPW 4300 is made by Kaz Europe SA under license to Braun. Braun is a registered trademark of Braun GmbH, Kronberg, Germany.

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