Start your day well, start your day differently

It sounds so simple and for many people it is…but not for everyone. The non-morning people, for example. However, there are some things you can pay attention to to start your day a little better, without changing your entire lifestyle. Often it’s just little things that can give that twist.

To get up

The days of following the sun have been behind us for some time now. We wake up en masse with the alarm clock and we actually don’t do that very well at all. For real morning people it will not be such a problem and in the summer many people leave the bed relatively easily. But when autumn arrives, we want to stay in bed en masse, even if you are not depressed, that bed feels very nice in autumn and winter.


It is better to skip snoozing and get up immediately after the alarm has gone off. Open the bed well to air it out and start your day, even if you have had a bad night. The well-known and popular habit of lying down for a while does not improve getting up. Procrastination is more likely to worsen the start of your day. Some people end up getting grumpy from the sound of the snoozer (probably because they know what comes next, namely getting up).


It is not really advisable to have a busy agenda in mind immediately after getting up. Start your day relaxed with a leisurely breakfast, do some (yoga) exercises, meditate, go for a run or whatever to clear your head. That busy agenda only starts at x time, and it doesn’t become more or less busy if you worry about it immediately after getting up. At most you can think about whether it is realistic for you to walk around with such an overcrowded agenda. A person always has choices, even when it comes to a normally filled agenda or one that is overflowing.


Research shows that nature always has a positive effect on our system. We feel better mentally which then results in a better physical condition. This means that it makes a better start to the day if you see greenery around you. Unfortunately, not every office is surrounded by greenery, so the route to it can be an opportunity to experience nature. A green moment may also be possible if you have a dog that also needs to do its business in the morning. If you work from home, organize your day so that you have time in your agenda in the morning to get green. Sometimes you have to be creative and sometimes you have greenery in the area (for example if you live in a green area or you have a lovely garden of your own).


Start your day with cheerfulness and that can be music, for example, cheerful music has been shown to have a positive effect on starting the day. But there are also morning shows on the radio that make you happy. For example, use your travel time by being cheered up by music or the accompanying disc jockeys, but you can also do it at home while you are still in the shower.
It goes without saying that if you have a cheerful partner without morning mood, he or she can also cheer you up. What matters is that you start the day with a smile on your face. Moreover, this is also pleasant for those around you and gives more reason to pass on that smile.

Break your pattern

What may not be obvious, but which can have a positive effect, is to break your daily pattern with the outside world. In the car, on the bus or train, on the bike and to work. Speak to someone if you experience something remarkable or just because you think it is worth it. Travel with someone, pay attention to your surroundings during travel time and discuss something striking seriously with a colleague or a stranger on the train or metro.

New insights

It’s not about making major changes to your life pattern, it’s about breaking a fixed pattern. It can simply give you new insights and these insights may in turn lead to new thinking patterns. The feeling you create is good and helps to get the day off to a good start. It gives you energy.


All in all, it’s not about major changes in your life, but if you’re not really a morning person, mornings can be very hard. You can make things easier by making some subtle changes. To attempt?

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