Chafing thighs: how to remedy?

The weather is lovely, you put on your new dress and then after a while you feel it: your upstairs neighbors are rubbing against each other. Not bad for a while, but after a while very painful spots can develop. It won’t make your mood any better!

Who does it occur to?

It may be assumed that this problem only occurs in people who are overweight, but this is not the case. It also depends on the position of your legs. One person may have more x-shaped legs and therefore suffer more from it than another. Of course, losing weight helps if you are really overweight (this is also much better for your health and ultimately you feel a lot more confident in a dress!), but in principle it can happen to anyone. It also depends on the temperature and humidity. The warmer and more humid the air is, the more you will experience chafing spots.

Different solutions

Many people suffer from this problem and there is a lot of speculation on the internet about what the best solution is. Everyone works a little differently, so you may have to try different things before you find what works best for you.

Special pants

A commonly used solution is to wear cycling shorts under a skirt, but online stores have also been set up that have developed special shorts that remedy friction discomfort. For example, the company Sarahs Sweeties. The Sweeties (the pants) are available in different sizes and all have a feminine and cute pattern. These types of long pants can also be purchased at lingerie stores such as Hunkemöller, but these pants are usually used for another purpose (for example, corrective underwear). Unfortunately, boxer shorts are often too short.
A disadvantage of wearing these pants is that it can be warm. That’s why some women use cut-off pantyhose. The disadvantage of this is that the tights often roll up. The WildeBeast brand has a number of skirts in the collection that come with pants as standard. These pants are not noticeable and are comfortable.

Talcum powder and Vaseline

Talcum powder and Vaseline help some people and not others. Talcum powder ensures that the skin where your legs slide together stays dry. Vaseline actually makes your legs slide together more easily because your skin becomes oily. The disadvantage of these two products is that the effect is only short-lived. Vaseline is absorbed and with talcum powder it may be that it is simply too warm and cannot keep your skin dry or that the talcum powder may become grainy, causing extra friction. Lubricant (yes, you read that right!) can also be used. Unlike Vaseline, this does not absorb into the skin and can therefore protect the skin well. The disadvantage of this is that it feels slippery.

Body patch

A Body Patch is a bi-elastic plaster (a ReSkin) that you can stick on sore spots. It works like a second skin, can be removed painlessly and can be used several times. The Body Patch can also be washed, which is a great advantage. Another advantage is that this product is specially designed to prevent irritated skin due to friction. That is why a Body Patch is breathable and sweat-permeable. A Body Patch costs approximately 7 euros and can be purchased in the ReSkin-XL webshop.

Odorex Extra Dry

Odorex Extra Dry is a product that protects against excessive perspiration. So your skin remains dry. There is a spray, a lotion, a dab and a cream. The same applies here as with Vaseline and talcum powder: for some it works perfectly and for others not at all. The disadvantage of this product is that it can sometimes sting.


Vevina is a cream that places a protective layer on your skin, preventing friction. The cream is water-resistant and sweat has no influence on the effectiveness of Vevina. This product is also specially designed against chafing legs and other chafing spots. The same product is available in Italy, but slightly greasy, so it lasts longer. It is called Labocaina and is available at pharmacies. During the heat there is a chance that you will have to apply a lot, but during an average summer day it is fine to use.

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