Universal beauty tips that always work

If you delve a little into healthy living, lifestyle and inner beauty, a number of tips keep coming back. They are listed here again.

Pamper your face with a nourishing mask

Take an evening for yourself. Take a warm bath with moisturizing oil. Pamper your feet, massage them, cut your toenails. Also pay extensive attention to your face. Our skin responds to changing weather conditions. If your skin is well hydrated and covered with a protective layer, you will immediately look fresher. Also be careful with excessive sunbathing. It is known that UV radiation ages the skin very quickly. Invest in a good day cream. Preferably choose a product that contains a UV filter as standard. Your face is and remains your calling card. Take the time to take a good look at your business card! Sit in your armchair, apply a nourishing mask and relax! You will see that you look years younger afterwards!

Shower and hydrate

Now most people don’t have time for an extensive hot bath every day! Buy good, nourishing shower products! Water dries out the skin. After you have cleaned your hair, it is important to rebuild the nourishing and protective barrier. Finish with your favorite moisturizer.

Spoil your subjects

If you regularly walk in high heels, it is extra important to pay attention to your subjects. Even if you wear open shoes in the summer, well-groomed feet look a lot better. Give your feet a warm bath, remove unnecessary calluses and cut your toenails! Then your shoes, socks and panties will also last longer. Really pamper your feet with a nourishing cream. Another tip: go for a pedicure. That can really cheer up your subjects!

Stop bad habits/detox

Try to drink at least eight glasses of water every day. This ensures that waste products are removed better. In addition, drinking water ensures that you feel less hungry. Scrub your skin with a glove to stimulate blood circulation again. This is beneficial for body and mind. In addition, be sparing with alcohol. Then your body can fully recover. You will once again have the opportunity to fully hydrate from the inside out. Try to cut down and even better, quit smoking. Smoking cigarettes causes your skin to age even faster than normal. She will also look unhealthy and gray.

Tips for quitting smoking

Take the timing into account if you plan to quit smoking. The holidays are not the ideal time to quit. This is because these days represent fun/being together. Once you get back into your daily routine, it is much easier to stop. Especially because smoking is no longer allowed in many places. So don’t stand outside with those colleagues every break, but eat your sandwich with other colleagues. Start with another good habit: a brisk walk outside at lunchtime. It is easiest to stop unwanted habits if you avoid the associated people for a while. You can explain to them that you want to quit smoking and that the smell of cigarettes makes it very difficult to keep this good intention. If they really care about you, they will understand this.

Healthy food

Your body is built from the substances you eat. Start immediately with healthy eating habits. If you exchange the cigarette for chocolates, cookies, sweets or other comfort food, the scales will tip too far in no time. Make sure you always have raw vegetables with you. Raw carrots are sweet, fill the belly and contain relatively few calories. Good luck!

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