Pregnancy week 37 to 42

The home stretch! The end of the pregnancy is now in sight, just a little while before your baby will be born. From the 37th week you can give birth at home. However, it is possible that the birth will take another 5 weeks! Above all, enjoy being pregnant for a while, because it could be over at any moment. The due date is the 40th week of pregnancy. However, only 5% of babies are actually born on the due date.

Week 37

From week 37 you can officially give birth at home, another great milestone! You could give birth any moment now. On the other hand, it could also easily be that the birth will have to wait another 5 weeks. In any case, make sure your bed is raised, in case you give birth at home. In week 37, the baby will lose the layer of sebum that covered it all along. The sebum will end up in the amniotic fluid, causing your baby to swallow it. This is not a bad thing at all! This comes out immediately in the baby’s first stool.
try to enjoy the time you have together for a while. Even though you are of course eagerly awaiting the arrival of your baby! Soon the moments when you are together with your partner will be rare.

Week 38

Most babies are born between the 38th and 42nd week of pregnancy. So it is quite possible that the baby will be born this week. The baby is in principle completely full term in week 38. The only thing that happens now is that some fat is added. However, this is not necessary! You
may well be experiencing back problems. The weight of your stomach causes you to lean your back a little more, putting too much weight on it. Try to take it easy and don’t lift.

Week 39

The space is now becoming smaller and smaller for your baby. You will now feel every movement in several places in your abdomen. Many daily things are too heavy for you at the moment. Something as small as vacuuming can completely exhaust your body. Please try to rest while you still can. You will still need enough energy for the birth.

Week 40

The 40th week of pregnancy is the week in which the due date is. But only 5% of all children are born on their due date. In any case, the baby will now be born within 2 weeks. Unfortunately, you cannot do anything to induce labor. So it’s nothing but waiting!

Week 41

When you are 41 weeks pregnant, you are officially overdue. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do but wait patiently. However, you can ask the midwife to strip you. This involves manually breaking the membranes, which often induces contractions.

Week 42

If you have not yet given birth this week, this will really be the last week of the pregnancy. The midwife will check whether there is still sufficient amniotic fluid. If this is not the case, the birth will take place in the hospital. If the birth does not occur this week, you will be induced. They can do this by introducing hormones into the vagina, which will induce contractions. These hormones can also be administered by infusion. However, these methods do not guarantee that labor will begin.

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