Recipe for a healthy relationship

What is the recipe for a good and healthy relationship these days? This is a question that is present in many of us and to which there is not always a perfect answer. This is because all relationships are different. Let alone the people in the relationships. What can you best pay attention to to keep your relationship alive and healthy?

What does a relationship entail?

First, it’s important to ask yourself what a real relationship entails. You will have to understand what the other person’s wishes are and what you are willing to give in to them. This way, in the early stages of dating, you can see if the relationship has a future. And of course it is useful that the other person does the same.

Don’t let your relationship become too obvious

If you are in an official relationship at some point, both of you should remember how you got together in the first place. For example, how do you feel about each other psychologically and emotionally? What do you admire most about his/her personality? All this helps ensure that the relationship does not become self-evident, something that often happens when 2 people are together for a long time. This does not mean that the love is gone, but that little or no effort is still put into the relationship. It is very human for someone to become lax and lazy in a relationship. This is mainly because they feel safe in a very comfortable relationship. This problem can be solved by investing more time and effort in a relationship.

How do you prevent arguments in a relationship?

Everyone has their own opinion and thoughts about certain things, so don’t expect the other person to always see it the same way you see it. On the other hand, it is important that both people have the same expectations in the relationship. To avoid constant arguments, it is important to know, for example, how often you want to see each other and how much sex you despise in a relationship. Seeing each other every day can give some people the feeling that they need more space and this can lead to a break or end in the relationship. The same goes for sex. If one person wants to wait and you don’t, you will have to take this into account, otherwise you will get into discussions.

Patience is important in a relationship

Having patience is one of the most important keys in a healthy relationship. There will be times when your partner reacts to you, which is not experienced as pleasant in a relationship. Don’t take this too seriously or take it too personally. Always take a step back at such a moment and see why your partner reacts the way he/she does. Assuming everything and jumping to conclusions is an unhealthy step in your relationship, because your partner will then feel that he or she cannot speak freely and will feel attacked. Give the other person some time and indicate that you will be there when they are ready to talk about it. No matter the situation, patience is always important in a relationship.

A relationship is a matter of trust

Honesty is at the top of everyone’s list of important things in a relationship. Every person wants to know if he/she can trust their partner in a relationship. This gives them the feeling of security in that much-desired comfortable relationship. They want their partner to tell the truth at all times, no matter what!. Unfortunately, we remain human and people make mistakes in life and are therefore not perfect. But that does not mean that the other person can constantly make the same mistakes. If your partner continuously (and deliberately) keeps making the same mistakes, you can assume that the partner has little respect for you, let alone that he/she is caring towards the other person. This is very unhealthy for your relationship. What is healthy is when both people acknowledge when a mistake is made. You and your partner need to know what they did wrong and feel and understand what they did. If you or your partner realize this, you can think of a way to admit it to the other person. This will give you more respect for each other and that is very important for a healthy relationship.

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