How do you buy the perfect wedding gown?

The perfect wedding gown. For some, that is a very expensive one. For others, it is preferably incredibly cheap. For someone else, money is no object, as long as it is the cream of the crop, a dress that you won’t see anywhere else. And then there are also creative types who want to partially or completely design their wedding gown themselves. Do you want custom work, fifties glamor or just a beautiful dress for a small price? Good news: it’s all possible. A new trend in bridal fashion is your own design. More and more stores are offering you – partly or completely online – the opportunity to help design the ideal wedding gown. Whether you have non-standard sizes or non-standard wishes, you can express your creativity. You do work at the stores on a permanent basis. That is the model of the wedding dress you have chosen. However, you can go all out with accessories, color and length. Those who are really good at drawing and designing may even be able to submit their own design or sketch in consultation with the provider.

Just pay attention

Of course this is one example among many. There are more and more bridal shops that offer or claim to offer ‘live’ or online the opportunity to design your own wedding dress. But the methods and options vary widely. If you are looking for a store that wants to make your dream dress together with you, it is important to check in advance whether designing it yourself really means designing it yourself – because let’s face it, sticking a few flowers on an existing dress we can do that too !

Vintage delights: always within reach

Ah, vintage. In other words, that one, unique piece of beauty that you can find in vintage stores, and nowhere else in the world (or almost nowhere). However, many brides-to-be are wrongly put off by the idea. Because, how lucky is it that that dress fits you? Yet that is no reason to abandon vintage. Competition among tailors is now fierce, which means that in many city centers you stumble across the skilled ‘golden hands’ who will tailor your vintage find for you for an extremely affordable amount. Just like custom work, but different. Completely different…

Movie star opulence

Vintage is a treasure chest of original designs, and even the great diva or romantic can make her move. Shops such as Laura Dols really have a range to lick your wedding-loving fingers. This is the real vintage. Not just ‘old’, but antique. Looking for movie star opulence, such a dream in silk, velvet and maybe even feathers, from the forties or fifties? Oh, come and have a look! And what applies to vintage brand watches also applies to vintage wedding gowns: no matter how unique such a piece of beauty is, such a gown is usually – sometimes many times – cheaper than a new gown from the store. Please note: Laura Dols works by appointment.

Maxima’s dress

It has become a style icon that will still exist after decades: the Maxíma wedding dress. It is widely known that it is a Valentino design. That the fabric is so-called mikado silk, too. But who knew that in the elegant seven-eighths sleeve, space has been made for the cunning concealment of the much-needed… handkerchief? Fantastic, that designer has thought things through!


Affordable but beautiful

If you want the latest of the latest, you won’t be in the corner where the bargains can be found, so to speak. If you are not immediately fascinated by the question of whether you are wearing a dress according to this year’s summer bridal fashion, the outlet is the right place for you. Here you can buy dresses that are sometimes 70% cheaper than the original price. Beautiful and authentic wedding dresses often, but for a small price.

Tips when buying a wedding gown

  • Be careful who you take with you! Of course, your boyfriend or fiancée can patiently wait until he (or she) sees you in full regalia. That’s just the etiquette. Who are you taking with you? In any case, not that nice and sweet friend or mother who is helpful, but strongly steers you in the direction of her own taste. The ideal partner in crime when buying a wedding gown is not controlling, but gives you a pair of extra eyes (‘is he pulling at the shoulder?’). This also applies to the store staff.
  • Don’t take it overnight! Rushing towards ‘seal the deal’ is deadly. Always sleep on the upcoming purchase.
  • Orient yourself to the conditions. Is it allowed to exchange if it wasn’t what you thought? Will you possibly get your money back and if so, under what conditions?
  • Pay attention to the season. Do you plan far in advance? Then you have to be extra careful. In winter, that strapless model in a fluffy fabric is not only beautiful, but also the most beautiful ‘icy cold’. You don’t think about that when you are in the store in our current warm late summers. Also be aware of uncomfortable fabrics. The fabric must breathe with everything you experience for a whole day – the most beautiful day of your life, you remember.
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