Freedom in a relationship

Everyone needs freedom to a greater or lesser extent. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press. Then why wouldn’t you earn freedom in your relationship? How do you create this freedom in your relationship?

Get freedom

When you are with your partner day and night without taking time for yourself every now and then, this can be suffocating. You can get the feeling that your partner is constantly controlling you, while this does not even have to be the case. If you are not free to go where you want without your partner knowing, this can also have major consequences for your mood, your family and of course your relationship. One day you say that you want to do something, if you are not allowed or cannot do this without your significant other, you may lie about what you are going to do the next time. Things really get bad when your boyfriend or girlfriend starts looking at your text messages, emails and bank statements to see what you’re doing. Recognizable? In the latter case, in addition to your freedom, apparently his trust in you is also gone.

What can you do to gain more freedom from your partner?

The best and only solution is to talk to your partner about how you feel. Be honest and tell him that you need more freedom to pamper yourself, see your own friends or do something fun with your mother. The first step is to make your partner realize that you need space and freedom yourself. After this, you can talk to him or her about what you can do about it and plan your times for yourself. An example of this could be that you do something without him every Wednesday evening and then he can also do something for himself. On this evening or day you can agree that you will not call, text or email each other. This way you have something to talk about the next day to tell him how your evening was. If you go away for a weekend without your boyfriend and he has difficulty dealing with your freedom, you can prepare him for this by telling him well in advance and also coming back several times when the date approaches.

Giving freedom

Giving freedom is at least as important as receiving freedom. As with everything in a relationship, there is give and take. You may not like it at all if your boyfriend is not there when you see your friends or when you go to your parents. Maybe you don’t like it when your boyfriend goes to his friends or you don’t trust him about this. Even if your friend does not indicate that he needs more freedom, it is important to still give him freedom.

How do you give your partner more freedom?

Once again there is only one solution. And again the solution is to talk to each other. If you think you are possessive or jealous, it is time to discuss this with him. After all, you don’t want him to lie to you because he doesn’t want to hurt you. Try to become aware of how much time you spend without your partner and how you react when you don’t give him freedom.

Why is freedom in your relationship so important?

If you are always together and neither of you ever does anything alone, you may no longer have anything to discuss with each other because you are both experiencing the same thing. Because you spend a lot of time together you can also become dependent on each other, you then get the idea that nothing is fun without him and that you can no longer live without each other. Freedom in your relationship is also important to keep up with your social contacts, after all you need time to be with your friends to keep them as friends.

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