I want to cheat

You want to cheat, this is possible because you have grown apart, in love, revenge, loneliness, rut, stress. There are two options: cheating or not cheating. The advantages and disadvantages of this in this article.

Cheating is a choice

It is important to make it clear to yourself why you are cheating. Is it because your partner does not pay enough attention to you, is it because you are looking for excitement, revenge because your partner has cheated on you before? This is the most important question to ask yourself before deciding whether to risk your relationship by cheating.

When you decide not to cheat

If you have decided not to cheat, this means that you still want to make something of your relationship and fight for it. Your job is to do everything you can to regain that feeling you had at the beginning of your relationship. It will certainly not be the easiest way, but it will probably be the way where you can keep looking at yourself. The first thing you should do is talk to your partner about your feelings and the idea that you wanted to cheat. This is important so that the two of you know that it is really a problem and that it is really time to take care of your relationship. Working on your relationship means investing, spending time together and communicating well and honestly with each other about your feelings, fears, but also your daily activities. Take care of yourself, if you can’t take care of yourself you can’t take care of your partner either.

When you decide to cheat

When you decide to cheat, ask yourself whether you still want to continue with your partner. You spend a lot of time wondering whether you want to cheat, you know that if you get caught, it could cost you your relationship. If you think that your relationship is no longer worth anything to you, you can discuss this with your doctor and it may be fairer to initiate a divorce process or break with your partner to avoid guilt and accusations.

How do you ensure that your partner doesn’t catch you?

When you have an affair you will have to realize that you also have someone at home waiting for you. Spend more time and attention on your partner at home and make sure there are no gaps in your routines just to be with your lover or mistress. Keep the lives of your affair and your partner separate. So take your affair to places where no one knows you and where your partner certainly won’t go. Stay alert, if lying to your partner is easy for you, you will make a mistake due to laziness that can make your partner suspicious.

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