A cuddly toy: a friend for every child

Do you still remember your hug? Some are loyal to just one cuddly toy, others have an entire bed full. In this article everything about what a hug can do for a child.

A stuffed animal to replace cuddling

Cuddling is important for a child. When parents cuddle with a child, the cuddle hormone, the hormone Oxytocin, is released. But what if mom and dad aren’t there for a while? Then a hug is the perfect solution. By the time a child is six months old, he first needs a hug to replace his mother, because he then learns what goodbye means. Children are often cared for by grandparents or a babysitter, and the stuffed animal reminds a child of his or her mother.

A hug as a friend, or not?

Children regard the cuddly toy as a friend, namely someone who helps them and provides security. The cuddly toy is often immediately given a name. Children talk to a cuddly toy to tell their story. However, a hug can also be used to take out anger. Sometimes children hit their cuddly toys to gain more control over their own environment and life. A hug offers security, especially in periods of high stress.

Which cuddly toy suits which child?

Often a child does not choose the cuddly toy himself, but the cuddly toy is chosen for him. For example, by the parents , or by friends or family as a gift. There are hundreds of different cuddly toys. Cuddly toys are often made in the shape of animals, but sometimes they are also fantasy figures. When purchasing a cuddly toy, make sure that it is easy to wash. If a cuddly toy cannot be washed, the cuddly toy will become dirty after a while. The dirt and bacteria that eventually end up in such a cuddly toy are not good for the health of the child.
Well-known cuddly brands are Steiff, Happy Horse, Tiamo and Anna Club . However, the child probably finds the cuddly toy itself more important than the brand. Therefore, when buying a cuddly toy, do not pay attention to the brand, but to the properties of the cuddly toy that suit the child.

Lost hug, what now?

Children are often very upset when their cuddly toy is lost. You can choose to buy a replica of the old cuddly toy. You can also post a message on http://www.knuffelkwijtsijt.nl. Lost and found cuddly toys are placed there. The Belgian Noukies has opened an SOS service for lost cuddly toys. The series of cuddly toys that this manufacturer produces are kept for two years. If a cuddly toy is lost, the same model can be reordered. A big advantage is that this cuddly toy will be delivered within 24 hours. If unfortunately it turns out that the cuddly toy is no longer in stock, the cuddly toy can still be counterfeited.
However, the most obvious solution is to buy a whole new cuddly toy. Ultimately, the child must learn to deal with the concept of loss, including when his or her cuddly toy is lost. This can be done through talking, for example making a drawing and reminiscing about the hug. Losing a cuddly toy is a kind of “mourning process” for the child.
As a precaution, parents can purchase an extra cuddly toy when purchasing a cuddly toy. The advantage of this is that you always have a second copy. If one cuddly toy has become ugly, dirty or old, it can easily be replaced, but with the same cuddly toy. You can also, for example, put a telephone number in the label of the stuffed animal, so that the stuffed animal can be returned more easily to the owner.

When is a child too old for a hug?

A child is never really too old for a hug. Some people simply become more attached to their cuddly toy than others. One child carries a cuddly toy everywhere, and for another child the cuddly toy “wait” in bed. Keep an eye on! If a cuddly toy is constantly taken with you, there is a greater chance of it being lost. It is important that you never take a cuddly toy away from a child. If a child wants to say goodbye to his cuddly toy, that should be his own decision. This means that a child is confident enough to face the world without a hug. If a cuddly toy is removed without the child’s consent, this can make a child feel insecure.
In short: a hug can be a great support for a child. In addition, a cuddly toy is nice and soft and cute and a cuddly toy is fun to play with. A cuddly toy is a gift that a child is (almost) always happy with.

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