Cuddling is good for you!

We cuddle often, and that is only healthy. This has already been shown by research several times. In this article everything about what cuddling does to us and why we should definitely continue with it.


During cuddling and physical contact, a wonderful substance is produced in the brain: Oxytocin. This substance is also called the cuddle hormone.
The role of this hormone is much greater than previously thought. Oxytocin can be used as a medicine. Oxytocin appears to be a good remedy against stress and anxiety. It weakens the natural tendency to keep others at a distance, making us more social. In addition, Oxytocin also improves learning ability, lowers blood pressure and heart rate and ensures more effective digestion.
Kerstin Uvnäs-Moberg, researcher into Oxytocin, believes that Oxytocin can be considered a healing nectar. Oxytocin can be considered indispensable because it positively influences the production of other substances that determine our mood.

Difference between men and women

Oxytocin is produced in both men and women when they touch or are touched by someone. Even though they produce the same amount of the substance, men notice it less because their sex hormone testosterone reduces the effect of Oxytocin. Oxytocin actually enhances women’s sex hormone, estrogen.
Yet an Australian study also shows that men who hug often are healthier, slimmer and happier. Men who hug often are much more social than men who do not do so often. This phenomenon is caused by the substance Oxytocin, as described above.

The functions of cuddling

Hugs have both emotional and social functions. They provide comfort, emotional support and show that you can be there. They can also serve as encouragement. In addition, some hugs can occur spontaneously as an expression of joy or happiness. Of course, a hug often also serves as an expression of love or trust. In short: a hug is something very positive.

Cuddling can be done anywhere

An advantage is that cuddling can be done at any time and anywhere, unlike sex. Couples who hug often have a stronger bond than couples with a spicy sex life who rarely hug each other. This is evident from a British study by dating site Parship.
In addition, it takes little time and effort and can also be done during illness or stressful periods.

Cuddling is for everyone

Regular cuddling is not only important for couples or children, but for everyone. Especially people who have a lot on their minds, such as business people, need a hug every now and then (this does not mean that from now on you have to hug your boss every day when you come to the office). However, American psychologist Professor Kraus has shown that hugging colleagues would increase productivity in the workplace. Unfortunately, this touching is quickly associated with sexual harassment and therefore does not happen often. In addition to cuddling in the workplace, it is very important to have as much skin-to-skin contact as possible with newborn babies and to cuddle them. Oxytocin has the same positive effects on babies as it does on adults.
In short: cuddling actually only has positive effects and can almost be seen as a panacea. Don’t hesitate to do it more often! It may take some getting used to at first if you are not a hug person, but eventually you will see that it only produces positive things.

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