Tips to induce labor

When your due date approaches, you naturally want your baby to be born. But sometimes the birth takes a while. Fortunately, there are a number of tips to help nature. Of course, these tips are not harmful to the unborn baby. It has not been proven that it helps, but you can always try. There are foods that can have a stimulating effect, such as kidney beans, pineapple and spicy food. But forms of exercise could also contribute.

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Spicy food

Spicy food, for example a lot of chili peppers, has such an effect on the body that labor could be initiated. However, when eating pepper you don’t have to worry that labor will just start! The birth will only really start when the body is ready for it.

Kidney beans

Eating kidney beans is also said to have an effect on childbirth. This is probably because kidney beans produce a lot of gas in the intestines. This can cause you to suffer from abdominal cramps. These abdominal cramps would then ensure that the contractions start.


Eating the heart of a pineapple. This contains the substance Quinine, which encourages the body to initiate labor.

Raspberry leaf tea

Raspberry leaf tea is said not only to induce contractions, but also to ensure stronger contractions. This ensures a smoother delivery. It is recommended not to drink raspberry leaf tea before the 37th week of pregnancy, although it has not been scientifically proven to have any effect!

Bitter Lemon & Tonic

Just like pineapple, the drinks Bitter Lemon and Tonic also contain the substance Quinine, which can induce labor.

Chinese food

Chinese food is also said to induce labor and also ensure a smoother delivery. However, the reason for this is not clear.

Castor oil

A trick from grandmother’s time is castor oil. This is a kind of laxative, which causes severe intestinal cramps. There are stories that the baby would poop in the amniotic fluid due to castor oil. Nothing has ever been proven about this.


Foot massage

Certain massages could also induce labor. This way you can give your feet a nice massage. They contain pressure points that control the brain to initiate labor. An expert in the field of foot reflexology massages knows exactly which points these are.

Stimulating the nipples

Stimulating the nipples could also possibly induce labor. However, it is true that this requires so much stimulation that you would have to do this for at least 3 hours a day before it has an effect.


Climbing stairs

In any case, exercise is good for inducing labor. Climbing stairs in particular, because of the movement you make. Furthermore, climbing stairs helps to remove moisture if you suffer from this.


Sex can also have a beneficial effect on the onset of labor. An orgasm causes the muscles of the uterus to contract, which can cause contractions. The man’s sperm also has a good influence. This contains a substance that softens the cervix and thus induces labor. By the way, you are absolutely not allowed to have sex once your waters have already broken! This can cause infections that pose a danger to you and your baby.
The above tips are not scientifically proven, but merely ‘worth a try’.

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