Prevent double chin / Remove double chin

The cause of a double chin is an excess of fat that accumulates just under the chin . A double chin mainly occurs in older people, but also in people who are overweight or obese. There are several effective exercises and methods to prevent and remove a double chin naturally.


Stand up straight and bend your head back as much as possible. Open and close your mouth as soon as your chin points towards the ceiling. This exercise trains both the jaws and the area around the chin.
Here’s another exercise you can do: purse your lips and push them out as far as you can; You should feel your cheeks tighten during this exercise. Then lift the corners of your mouth and smile with your cheeks pressed together.

Elos Skin Tightening

Consider six to ten Elos Skin Tightening treatments. For this you have to go to the beauty institute. Elos Skin Tightening is known to stimulate collagen production so that the skin becomes firmer and the double chin disappears.


Lipolysis are injections into the skin that remove excess fat. They are usually used to reduce cellulite and breeches, but Lipolysis is also very effective for removing a double chin.

Fat and sugar

Avoid sugar and fatty foods. These not only contain an excess of calories; they also damage the skin, causing it to become sagging and a double chin.


Is your double chin the result of being overweight or obese? Then do exercises and sports several times a week to burn calories and lose weight. Your double chin will also naturally diminish.

Body position

Maintain good posture at all times. After all, poor posture is directly related to a double chin. How can you know if you have good posture or not? Place a book on your head and walk up and down the room ten to twenty times. If you have good posture, the book should not fall. Also pay attention to your posture while sitting and standing upright.

Chewing gum

An easy solution to prevent and get rid of a double chin is to chew a piece of gum daily. This puts the muscles of your jaw and mouth to work and also burns fat in this area. Of course, always opt for chewing gum without sugar.

Tapping movements

Make quick, tapping movements on your chin while applying your day and night cream. These tapping movements improve blood circulation in your chin, making it easier for your cream to penetrate. In addition, it gently puts the muscles of the chin to work.

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