Constipation – Natural Treatment

Constipation means that someone has three or fewer bowel movements per week. In most cases, the stool is hard and dry and sometimes even painful. It is not true that you are obliged to go to the toilet once a day. If you’re somewhere between 3 times a day and 3 times a week, you’re good. Only when it is less than 3 times a week should you start to worry and follow our natural treatment.


Massage your lower abdomen several times a day with clockwise, circular movements. This will immediately initiate bowel movements.

Drinks against constipation

In most cases, constipation is due to a lack of fluid (dehydration). It is therefore of paramount importance that you drink a lot of water, herbal tea, soup, fruit juice, smoothies, etc. You should only avoid coffee and alcohol, because these dehydrate the body even further and will therefore only worsen constipation. Here are some natural drinks that not only provide the body with fluids but can also clear your constipation in less than 24 hours.

Drink with honey

Drink a cup of warm water with honey just before going to bed and drink a cold glass of water with honey before breakfast.

Drink with flax seeds

Flax seed is a good laxative and also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Place the flax seeds in a glass of boiling water and let them steep for twelve hours. Add a little honey or lemon juice and drink before going to sleep.

Drink with olive oil and lemon juice

Every morning before breakfast, drink a cup of warm water to which you have added the juice of one squeezed lemon and a tablespoon of olive oil. This is not only an efficient remedy for constipation, but it also helps you lose pounds.

Posture and breathing

Good posture and breathing are of paramount importance to prevent and relieve constipation. By standing and sitting upright and breathing from your stomach, your bowel movements will naturally improve.
On the toilet itself, it is a good idea to tilt your body slightly to the right to relieve constipation. If possible, it is also useful to place your feet slightly higher than your pelvis.

Food against constipation

Everyone knows that eating fruits, vegetables and grains that contain a lot of fiber affects bowel movements in a positive way. The following diet is particularly recommended to relieve constipation naturally.


Eating papaya is one of the most effective natural treatments for constipation. The effect is even more efficient if you eat the fruit on an empty stomach.

Beans, plums, pears and figs

Beans, plums, pears and figs contain a type of fiber that forms a gel in the intestines so that the stool becomes softer. Make sure they are on the menu every day and don’t forget to drink enough water.

Exercise and exercises

People who never exercise are more likely to suffer from constipation. Walking or exercising for half an hour three times a week can work wonders.


These natural treatments are basically sufficient to relieve constipation. If you nevertheless continue to suffer from constipation, contact your doctor. Maybe there is a serious illness at the root of your constipation? Or maybe you take certain medications that cause constipation.

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