How do you choose a tattoo parlor for your tattoo?

If you want to get a tattoo, you naturally want a tattoo parlor that is reliable and hygienic. Is the artist good and can he do the tattoo you want? And does he have any certificates? How do you look for a shop that meets your requirements and can deliver good quality?

Get a tattoo

Getting a tattoo is a big decision. A tattoo never goes away, so you have to think carefully about what and where you get it done. Coming up with a design and location is just the beginning: you also want the tattoo to be done properly. This means that the drawing is also very beautiful and is presented in such a way that you can look at it with pleasure for years to come. It is also important that the tattoo parlor operates hygienically. But how do you find a good tattoo parlor?

View the portfolio

Almost every tattoo artist has a portfolio you can view. These are photos of work they have done previously. A photo can give you a good idea of an artist’s style. Does the style appeal to you or do you not like it that much? Pay close attention to this, because the style of the tattoos can be very different per artist. Always ask for photos if they are not available. A folder with pictures that you can have tattooed does not give a good idea of the quality of the artist. Is there no portfolio available? Then the question is whether you should do business here.

Hygiene in the tattoo shop?

Many tattoo shops have excellent hygiene, but unfortunately there are also shops where hygiene is not handled as well. However, this is very important: you don’t want your tattoo to become infected or even infected with all kinds of scary diseases. If hygiene is in order, a tattoo parlor will receive a quality mark from the GGD. Always take a good look at what it looks like. Ask if you can view the room where the tattoos are being done, so you can see for yourself what it looks like. When in doubt, it’s better to say goodbye and go elsewhere.

Ask about experiences

Do you know people who have a tattoo? Then ask about their experience at the tattoo parlor they visited. Were they satisfied with the shop and the work performed? Try to look for people who have recently gained experience. The quality in a tattoo parlor can change over the years. A store that used to be very good may now be much less good.

Listen to your feeling

Always listen to your feelings when you want to get a tattoo. If you have even a little doubt, it might be better not to do it. You must always remember that a tattoo is forever and cannot simply be removed. So take your time looking for a suitable shop. Don’t be too hasty either. Some shops have a longer waiting time to get a tattoo. Don’t let this demotivate you: if the shop feels good and you are satisfied with the portfolio, then it is okay to wait a little longer. Besides, you have your tattoo your whole life. Do those few weeks or months really make a big difference?

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