Make-up: Fine budget brands

Make-up is a real must-have for many girls and women! Unfortunately, make-up products are often very expensive and therefore not for everyone. We discuss a number of great budget brands for every wallet!

Expensive brands

You can spend a lot of money on make-up in perfumeries. Expensive brands such as Dior, Chanel and Estée Lauder have their own make-up line with all kinds of products: lipsticks, nail polish, eye shadow, blush, … the range is endless, but so expensive! Young ladies often cannot afford these luxury brands, but still want to appear well-groomed and beautiful. Fortunately, there are some great budget brands!


Catrice is a very nice and cheap brand. Catrice products are available in most Kruidvat branches, and are really suitable for everyone’s wallet! This brand also has a complete make-up line, from foundation to nail polish. The products look beautiful, have a great effect and are above all very cheap! You pay around 3 to 4 euros for lip glosses, lipsticks and eye shadows. All Catrice nail polishes (and there are a lot of them!) cost 2.49 and you can also buy products such as foundations for around 6 to 7 euros. Catrice regularly has new colors in its range and every so often a limited edition appears on the shelves. This way you always stay up to date, even with a low budget!


Another budget brand at Kruidvat is Essence. Essence has an offer that is similar to that of Catrice, but is slightly cheaper. Lip glosses cost about 2 euros, nail polishes only 1.50 euros. Powders, foundations and eyeshadow palettes are also very affordable but still beautiful and pleasant to use. Essence may focus on a slightly younger audience than Catrice, but there are also fun things on offer for people in their twenties, thirties and forties!


If you like internet shopping & make-up, ELF – or Eyes Lips Face – is the right place. You can order a lot of make-up products on this website. A large part of it only costs 1 euro, but the mineral products and studio products are also still very affordable. On ELF, for example, you can order large eyeshadow palettes with 32 or even 64 colors for just a few euros. The products look nice and do their job excellently. Moreover, the items are delivered quickly and neatly, so you can order from the comfort of your own home.

House brands

Retail chains such as HEMA and H&M also have their own make-up line. The make-up fully follows the chains’ strategy: Hip, fashionable & affordable! At HEMA you can find a full range of make-up for a total look. H&M is slightly more limited in terms of range, but does have nice lip glosses and nail polishes for small prices.

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