The mistress of

The life of a mistress is very exciting and mysterious. But is the life of a mistress a happily ever after? Often not. There is some kind of curse on such a relationship, but why is that? The sex and romantic encounters are often intense, but the loyalty of the married man is hard to find. At the beginning the mistress is the center, but this fades over time.

The definition of a mistress

The definition of a mistress: A mysterious sexy woman who has a secret and sexual/romantic relationship with married men. There is good sex, hotel adventures until the early hours, exciting dates, nice phone calls and the thrill that you are doing something wrong. But is the life of a mistress really that fantastic?

The mistress has all the power in the relationship

Being a mistress is fantastic! But only in the beginning. Being a mistress has its exciting moments and those are precisely those moments that help many women decide to eventually become a mistress. All the power lies with the woman at the beginning of the relationship. She is the one who has the man completely under a love hypnosis and receives all the time and attention that he should actually spend with his wife. Right now, she is the one he fantasizes about and the one he misses when she is not there. She will receive many gifts from him just to keep her happy. It all sounds very good, but the life of a mistress is often not long. At some point the light goes on and the truth emerges. The tension then slowly dissipates.

The man does not leave his wife for a mistress

Relationships based on cheating usually end in cheating. When a woman enters into a relationship with a married man she does not look at the fact that she is entering into a relationship with a cheater and unreliable partner. She only sees what she wants to see and what she wants to believe. She is well aware of the fact that he is cheating, but refuses to see that she is also the victim of his selfish behavior. Most men will not leave their wives for their mistresses, but they often indicate to their mistresses that they will ultimately stay together without secret fuss. Mistresses continue to believe in these thoughts and get stuck in them a bit. The long wait often ends in a lot of sadness, which can be very painful emotionally.

A relationship with a mistress is full of lies and secrets

There are certain cases when a married man actually leaves his wife to start a new life with his mistress, but that is very rare. And it is also common that the relationship does not last long. The reason for this is simple. The relationship is simply not based on a solid and honest foundation. The seed of the relationship is planted in unstable soil fertilized with secrets and lies for anyone. Secrets and lies prohibit people from showing themselves fully in the relationship. If the man and woman do get married, you will often eventually see that they will have relationship problems because of that trust. The man and his mistress know that if they ever have a real relationship together, they will always be concerned with the fact that the other can cheat in their relationship. What happened to them can happen again, of course.

Loyalty and responsibility wins over the mistress

Most relationships with a mistress do not last long, because the man simply returns to his wife often. At the beginning, the mistress often hears that he would like to leave his wife. In the long run, loyalty and responsibility will take over and he will therefore not leave his wife/family. Most men start an affair because they are insecure in their relationship/marriage or feel a certain emptiness that they do not know how to deal with. At that moment they long for good or better company again without complications. An affair is a good escape, but it never lasts that long.

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