Smoking, nicotine and tobacco

Smoking; Fewer and fewer people do it, but there is still a large part of the population who likes to smoke a cigarette on a regular basis. It is the mental addiction to smoking, to holding a cigarette. But it is also the physical addiction, to nicotine and the feeling in the throat when the smoke is inhaled.


Even though there are many campaigns against smoking, many people are still addicted to it. More than a billion people smoke worldwide. Why does this actually happen and what does smoking do to you?


Most people who smoke feel relaxed when they smoke a cigarette. This is mainly due to the nicotine it contains. Nicotine is a narcotic and comes from the tobacco plant. It affects your nervous system and it is an addictive substance. Inhaling it causes many different effects. This way it gives people a pleasant feeling. Its effect lasts for about twenty minutes.


In addition to nicotine, a cigarette also contains tobacco. Many people think that nicotine is carcinogenic, but that is not the case. The carcinogen is tobacco. Tobacco contains no fewer than three thousand carcinogenic substances, forty of which are very seriously carcinogenic. Lung cancer is most common among smokers. Nicotine is not only found in the tobacco plant, but also in the coca plant and in vegetables such as tomatoes and eggplants.

The tobacco plant

The nicotine is produced in the roots of the tobacco plant and accumulates in the leaves. For the plant, nicotine works as an ideal remedy against insects and leaf eaters. Nicotine is also included in pesticides. The nicotine content of the plant varies. The leaves at the top contain the most nicotine. Furthermore, the method of drying also influences the nicotine content in the leaf. The tobacco can be dried again by the sun or by air. Dried leaves can contain 0.6 to 3 percent nicotine. Air-dried tobacco contains a higher nicotine content than sun-dried. In recent centuries, tobacco plants that contain more nicotine have emerged again. This is due to the crossing and breeding of plants.

Quit smoking

As is known, smoking has many adverse effects. For example, it is very bad for your lungs, teeth and skin. Smoking can cause all kinds of diseases, such as emphysema and lung cancer. Furthermore, smoking is also very expensive. Cigarettes often cost more than five euros. Even though smoking has many negative effects, it is not very easy for most smokers to quit. Many smokers often do not maintain their attempts to quit smoking. This is due to the difficult withdrawal symptoms. For example, the first few days after you stop you will feel lethargic and you will have difficulty concentrating. You also sleep worse. In addition, you often crave a cigarette. To get rid of this unpleasant feeling, most people eat more. It is therefore very difficult to keep up the habit of not smoking, especially the first few days. Often the worst withdrawal symptoms last 48 hours. After two days you will already notice an improvement. You then notice that you no longer smoke. You smell and taste much better. You also have a lot more air. So you can breathe much better.

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