Is losing weight with the Kyalin diet healthy for everyone?

We have the choice of more and more (crash) diets to lose as much body weight as possible in the shortest possible time. The number of protein diets can no longer be counted. The Kyalin diet plays a leading role in this. And even though there are more opponents than proponents of these protein diets in scientific circles, this Kyalin diet is also becoming increasingly popular among us. What makes Kyalin so interesting and is it equally healthy for everyone?

Proteins are the building blocks of your body

You will find proteins mainly in all red meat, in chicken, fish, eggs and in some dairy products, in food products based on soy, brown rice, beans, grains, nuts and in all whole grain products. Proteins consist mainly of amino acids, the building blocks of your body, which needs proteins for the production of hormones and enzymes. The latter ensure the building of your muscle tissue. With a healthy diet, your body gets sufficient proteins from the food you consume every day. If you eat a diet that is too fatty and high in calories, if you regularly exercise, if you are tired or if you are recovering from an illness or surgical intervention, you will usually suffer from a protein deficiency. A protein diet continues to provide the necessary building of your muscle mass. This is in contrast to a classical diet, which causes you to lose muscle mass due to a lack of protein and a much lower metabolism.

Burn fat constantly

Your body will primarily burn carbohydrates to meet its own energy needs. If your body does not get enough energy from this, it will burn its available fats. With a protein diet your body absorbs as few carbohydrates as possible. So you will constantly burn fat to provide sufficient energy.

The more proteins, the less fat

If you want to lose weight with a classic diet, you have to eat less. With a protein diet, the ratio between carbohydrates, fats and proteins remains unchanged, only the quantities are reduced. This creates a balance in which more proteins are absorbed and less fat and carbohydrates. With a protein diet you do not eat a balanced diet. As a result, your body goes into ketosis after a maximum of three days, which means that any feeling of hunger disappears. Ketosis is caused by the switch to burning fat exclusively due to a shortage of carbohydrates. Because your feeling of hunger is completely eliminated, you must strictly respect the rules of the Kyalin diet. If you do absorb carbohydrates, your body needs three days to enter ketosis.


With the Kyalin diet you will reach your ideal body weight step by step. During the first slimming phase you follow a diet of vegetables and protein portions, which you can purchase from Kyalin. A protein-rich diet with a balanced composition is necessary for the successful course of your diet. In the second or reintroduction phase you will again have all kinds of food groups on your plate. Carbohydrates and fruit are allowed again. Protein-rich foods are gradually phased out, and in the final phase you learn how to maintain your new eating habits.

Step-by-step plan to prevent yo-yo effect

Strictly following this step-by-step plan is important to prevent the well-known yo-yo effect. The Kyalin diet ultimately aims for complete fat burning. To achieve this, eat as little sugar as possible and as much protein as possible, so that your muscle mass remains intact. You are certainly not alone during your Kyalin diet. You can always fall back on your coach. As your diet progresses, the number of consultations will be reduced. Those who follow kyalin properly will never go hungry. The meal replacements you use in the first diet phase make Kyakin a particularly easy diet. During the first slimming phase, this diet costs an average of around 350 euros. After that, costs drop sharply.

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