Forgetting to take the pill

There are quite a few myths going around about forgetting to take the pill, but to dispel them, here is the current guideline according to the Dutch Association of General Practitioners.

HELP I forgot a pill

Don’t panic, forgetting to take the pill is no problem, take it immediately when you remember, but make sure it is no longer than twelve hours after the time when you should take the next pill . So 36 hours after forgetting to take the pill.
An example, Tuesday evening at nine o’clock you forgot to take the pill, Wednesday evening at twelve o’clock you suddenly think “shit!! I forgot to take the pill yesterday and today” then take these pills immediately and you are as safe as can be . A morning after pill or a condom is then not necessary against pregnancy. This action can be done until nine o’clock the next morning.

Oh dear, now I forgot two pills!

Stop panicking, often even forgetting two pills is no reason to be afraid. What was already described for missing a pill still applies here; if you take the pills within twelve hours of the moment of the second forgotten pill, no further treatment is necessary.
If you only find out after this period, there are measures you need to take, but no, still no reason to really panic, just read it carefully first!

Forgotten two pills in the first week of the pill strip

Take the (last) forgotten pill as soon as you find out. take out your diary and find out when the last time you had unprotected sex was. Is this more than three days, i.e. 72 hours, ago? Don’t panic, no further action is necessary at this time. If you have had sex without a condom in the past three days, take the morning-after pill to prevent pregnancy. You can also take the morning after pill 3 days after intercourse, so you don’t have to take ‘morning after’ literally.
Have you forgotten several pills in the first week and are you too late for the morning after pill? Then you can possibly have an IUD placed to stop the pregnancy. Please call your doctor first.
From the moment you start taking the pill again, you will swallow normally again. You just finish the strip and then get your period. If you do not meet the requirements of missing one pill, i.e. the 36 hour standard, use a condom during sexual intercourse for the first seven days.

Forgotten two or three pills in the second week

You take the last pill when you find out. Swallow the rest of the strip normally. No further measures are necessary.

Forgotten four to seven pills in the second week

Take the last forgotten pill and simply finish the strip. However, you must use another method of contraception such as a condom for the first seven days after starting to take the pill again.

Forgotten two to seven pills in the third week

Here you have two options, choose the option that best suits the moment:

  1. You schedule an early stop week, take out your diary and clearly write down, using your pill strip, when you will start taking the pill again. This can start a day earlier if that suits you better.
  2. Or you choose to take the forgotten pill, complete the pill strip and start the next pill strip without a break week.

With both of these options, additional contraception is not required .
If you have stomach flu or diarrhea/vomiting and had diarrhea or vomited within four hours of taking the pill, it is best to take a new pill. If you are unable to keep it down, follow the above schedule as a guideline . what action you should do.

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