New energy through meditation

For some people, meditation is a far-fetched show and everyone should of course know that for themselves, but if you approach it seriously, meditation can give you energy. The added value of meditation, in all kinds of areas, has now been demonstrated. Yet the group of people who are actively involved in it is not yet very large. A vague image does not help.

Vague image

If you don’t deal with facts, some people find this vague. It is a fact that many people only want (dare?) to accept what is concrete and tangible. That’s not a bad thing, but it also means that this group is not in a position to go back into the mind and work purely from your inner self.

Working from within

Meditation means working with yourself from within. This can be in all kinds of areas, but if you have little energy, finding peace in your head and recharging can be very welcome. Based on situations you can strengthen yourself and rebuild yourself. This gives you energy, which you can convert into decisiveness in practice. Business entrepreneur, business defiance etc.

To work…


You can’t meditate if you don’t take a moment for yourself. What part of the day is not relevant, as long as you have a moment for yourself and in peace.
Make sure you are relaxed and while for some this may be calming music, for others it may be some exercises to loosen the muscles and for others a warm shower will calm them down . This is very personal and cannot be completed as standard. See for yourself what feels comfortable and see it as a preparation for meditation.


When you can find peace and relax, it is also good to think about what you wear during meditation. In itself, flexible and breathable clothing is most pleasant, but not necessary. It is important that you do not wear anything that pinches.
The environment is also important to relax. You should not be disturbed and too much distraction (for example a busy interior) is usually not advisable. Think about which room is quiet (usually the bedroom or bathroom). Some people light a (scented) candle because it radiates peace, but this is not necessary.


Assuming that the environment is good, you can sit in a sitting position that is comfortable for you. The lotus position is standard, but not everyone can do this, so sit cross-legged or put your legs straight in front of you.
Your sitting position is with a straight back and your hands open (not cramped) with the palms facing upwards.
Now focus on a point in the room or if you immediately close your eyes, think of something to focus your attention on. Let the things of the day pass you by (don’t try to avoid thinking about them, this is counterproductive) and make sure you don’t lose focus. Then pay attention to your breathing, let it be deep and let it pass through the nose (both inhaling and exhaling). Hold this firmly, also during meditation.
Now think of an environment where you feel comfortable, which gives you energy and imagine yourself in this environment. Lie quietly on a sunny beach, cycle through the meadows, walk in a beautiful museum where you enjoy the museum pieces or let the swirling water of the Niagara Falls pass by you. It doesn’t matter, but find that area and possibly with whom you would like to visit the area.
When you are in this environment, you do the things that you enjoy, that you enjoy doing and that give you energy. Feel your body well and you will experience energy flowing in. Let the moment last as long as you want and while one person is ready after a few minutes of meditating, the other can easily take half an hour further.
Slowly return to the present and ensure that you retain the feeling of the energy you have gained in your body. The mind is strong and can help you and can help you with this if you have a deficiency.

Practice makes perfect

Not everyone immediately comes to a good meditation moment, but practice makes perfect. For some people it just takes a little more time (often prompted by a busy life and not being able to let go immediately). But make sure you take a moment regularly and you will see that you will slowly get into it.


Once you become more adept at it and you manage to seize that moment for yourself, you will notice that you can also clarify all kinds of other situations through meditation.
Whether it is vague or not, who knows, but if you benefit from it, it actually doesn’t matter anymore.

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