The secret of the Aura

Aura literally means ‘breath’: Many parapsychologists agree that an aura is a combination of the one who radiates it and the one who perceives it – supply and demand, so to speak. One person lets his aura and thus liveliness shine through his specific ability, while the particularly sensitive or trained person perceives this aura . However, what does the aura show?

Emotional force field of health

Zeus turned Aura, the vehicle of the goddess Artemis, into a spring. That is why it is still regarded today as an embodiment of mild air, of cool water mist.
In Parap psychology, aura means the radiance of soul states of a human being, which is visible to certain seers. Based on her color or condition, the seers can determine the health status of a person and provide him with appropriate treatment. This makes an aura not only useful for diagnosis, but also as a means of therapy: aura as a kind of force field of emotions and health.
In visual art, the nymph Aura is always depicted with a billowing cloth above her head. However, depictions of auras from other religions, in which Buddha, Jesus or saints are surrounded by light or a halo, are also well known . Until now, it is not known what special gift one must have to see and properly read the aura of another.

Kirlian photography
Kirlian photography, also known as corona photography, was accidentally discovered in 1936 by the Ukrainian Semjhon Davidowitsch Kirlian while repairing medical equipment. A photocopy is made of a person, a body part or an object – the only condition being that it must be electrically conductive – so that an electric field or aura appears around it. An energy diagnosis can be made based on the color of this field. Some healers claim that even cancer can be recognized in this way. It remains controversial whether the Kirlian technique is indeed capable of this.


Meaning of the colors in Kirlian photography

  • Red: The color of life, the sun and fire.
  • Blue: The color of peace and discord
  • Yellow: The color of the sun and zenith
  • Green: The color of the neutral area
  • Orange: The color of cheerfulness, friendliness, warm-heartedness and cheerfulness
  • Violet: The color of emotions and is considered a meditative color
  • Turquoise: The color of the dazzling and permeable soul
  • Light green: The color of unconditional goodness
  • Purple: The color of seriousness and dignity, grace and sweetness
  • Pink: The color that represents making a new start


The chakras of aura photography

Basic chakra (red): located between the anus and the genitals, connected to the earth, this chakra opens downwards.
Sex chakra (orange): located in the lower part of the crotch or in the sacrum, it opens forward above the genitals.
Solar Plexus (yellow/golden yellow): located 2 finger widths above the navel and opens forward.
Heart chakra (green): located at the level of the heart in the center of the chest, it opens forward.
Throat chakra (light blue): located between the cervical dimple and the larynx, it opens forward at the cervical spine.
3rd eye (indigo blue or violet): located a finger’s width above the root of the nose and opens upwards.
Crown Chakra (Violet or White): Located at the highest point of the body, at the top center of our heads. It opens upwards.

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