On the way to inner peace

I often receive responses to my articles about balance in life that people are looking for inner peace. But it is immediately indicated that they are unable or unwilling to completely give up their current life. It seems as if people think that as a monk you have to go to Tibet to find that inner peace. But that is not the case at all, there is a middle ground.

Analyze your current life

The current life, which is experienced as safe and pleasant for many people, is also difficult for those same people to let go. After all, what does that big black hole have in store for them? I now know that if you listen very carefully to yourself, you will know which direction things are going. On the other hand, there may be all kinds of reasons why the security/safety you have in your current situation feels so pleasant. It may even feel like a must, because, for example, you are the breadwinner in the family and you take responsibility.
All this does not alter the fact that you should take a closer look at yourself and your immediate environment, because the so-called eating it both ways is of course not the case. Certainly not if you are really looking for that inner peace. Inner peace also represents the mind that can leave everything as it is. However, if you are constantly concerned about whether or not there is enough money for all the family’s needs, you will not achieve that inner peace.

Back to basic

There is no other option than to go back to the basics, the basics for almost everyone are that you have enough money to live on. But what else is there?

  • What are your original principles, your values for life?
  • What do you need to implement those basic principles?
  • Can you fill in these basic principles?
  • What is “more” to you?
  • How necessary is that “more” for you?


More, more, more…

If the last question is money related and is answered as very necessary, the next process is not feasible and you are most likely not ready for it yet. The urge for more is greater than the urge for inner peace. That urge, that ambition, does not provide enough basis for true inner peace. It also applies that inner peace comes from what you have and the happiness this gives, not from the fact that you want more.


You must first answer questions in this range in order to estimate the importance (the extent to which) of the certainty. It is then good to review that certainty again. After all, how certain is everything? It is a relative concept and it is good to think about it or talk about it with other people. If only to slowly let go of the fear that embraces relative certainty.
By the way, the picture outlined, which applies to many people, is not a reproach. People are conditioned from an early age and as a free spirit you really have to break away (if you want to) to avoid being caught up in this conditioned picture.

What feels nice?

That inner peace also means looking more closely at yourself and considering what kind of environment you feel comfortable in, which is immediately achievable. For one person it is sitting by the fireplace, another has a thing for music and someone else needs to exercise. But go back to yourself and create this environment, not just once, but make time for yourself in an environment that is pleasant for you. An environment where nothing is necessary or required and where you can let your thoughts run wild. This also means that you should probably take your agenda with you to really claim that time for yourself. Not counting the people who set the agenda themselves, because nothing is as good as giving in to what your body is asking for at that moment. Unfortunately, this cannot always be fitted into the pattern of the majority of the population.

Your created moment!

How do you enjoy your created moment? Well, that starts with letting go of worries about the future (often money related). You have already completed the process of establishing the basic principles for your life. If you have gone through the process properly, you will know what your bottom line is for those principles and you can rest in what you have. Resignation/acceptance is a good basis for allowing your body and mind to relax in moments that are good for your body and mind.
Enjoying is more than letting it happen to you, enjoying it

  • … that it puts a smile on your face
  • … that your thoughts float by like clouds
  • … that you feel the relaxation of the muscles in your body
  • … that you are happy with who you are and what you have
  • …that you also wish this for others (and not just your loved ones)

and the list could go on, but the bass feeling has to be good. If you can regularly experience this moment even in your busy life, then you have laid a good foundation for inner peace. You may be moving on, making changes in your busy life. But if you don’t do it, that’s okay, the time will come. Things come to you when you are ready. As long as you allow those moments to come to yourself, to feel your body and mind, to return regularly.


No flying carpets for the earthly West European, but that inner peace is still achievable. Good luck!

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