Home remedies for hair loss

Unwanted hair loss is the fear of many men and women. Some hair loss is normal, but if you regularly remove entire strands of hair from your brush, home remedies against hair loss can help.

Hair loss

Many people value a lush head of hair and fear unwanted hair loss . However, some hair loss is very normal: you lose several dozen hairs every day. When you fish this out of the shower drain, you can be quite shocked. But when you consider that you have tens of thousands of hairs on your head, it’s not so bad. However, some people lose entire strands of hair unwantedly when they dry or brush their hair, for example.

Causes of hair loss

Unwanted hair loss can have various causes. For example, reduced functioning of the thyroid gland may be the culprit, as the thyroid gland plays an important role in hair growth. Hormonal factors can also play a role. In addition, some medical treatments have hair loss as a side effect. A common side effect of chemotherapy, for example, is hair loss. But other medications, including blood thinners and lithium (a drug used in psychiatry) can also lead to unwanted hair loss.

Home remedies for hair loss

There are several ways to combat unwanted hair loss. However, many of these drugs have their own side effects, making it questionable whether the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. An alternative is to treat unwanted hair loss with home remedies .

Hair water

  • Birch sap: the mineral-rich birch sap stimulates blood circulation in the scalp
  • Nettle root: wash the hair with a decoction of nettle roots, or massage it into the hair and scalp after washing
  • Burdock Root Oil: Burdock root oil repairs dry and damaged hair
  • Nasturtium: put 50 grams of nasturtium seed and leaves together with 50 grams of chopped wild thyme in a pot. Pour 1 liter of alcohol (60%) here and let it steep for ten days. Then strain the water and massage the liquid firmly into the hair roots once or twice a day.


Walnut balm

Cut 50 grams of walnut leaf or flower buds into small pieces and cook them for 45 minutes with 150 grams of pork lard. Let it cool completely and then store it in a porcelain jar. Massage the scalp every evening with this walnut balm.

Nutrition and vitamins

  • Healthy diet: ideally, you get sufficient vitamins and minerals every day through healthy food. This mainly means lots of vegetables and fruit.
  • Iron
  • Vitamin B: Vitamin B plays a role in the hair growth process and extending the lifespan of hair. You can provide extra vitamin B through capsules or tablets, or opt for a shampoo with vitamin B
  • Zinc


Prevent hair loss

  • Beer: massage 60 milliliters of beer into your hair after washing. Let it work for a while and then wash the hair again. Then massage another 60 milliliters into the hair, this time without rinsing.
  • Apple cider vinegar: use as much apple cider vinegar as possible in dishes. Apple cider vinegar contains several vitamins and minerals that promote healthy hair growth.


When to go to the doctor?

Visit the doctor if unwanted hair loss is accompanied by other, unexplained complaints. Even if the home remedies described in this article have no effect, it is wise to visit your doctor after a few weeks.

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