Depression in marriage

Marriage is a beautiful thing, and it should be cherished. But what if depression arises in the marriage? How should you deal with that now? What are the causes of depression in marriage? You can try to maintain a fairytale wedding, but eventually you too will discover that this cannot always be the case.

Why is a wedding so special?

Weddings are often seen as something very special in your life. This is simply a fact, which also applies to the fact that many people suffer from marital depression not long after the first few years of marriage. It is something that happens very often and is quickly considered normal. This is something that many do not have an answer to in their marriage, so the relationship often ends in a dead end.

The causes of marital depression

So what is marital depression and what causes it? Although there are many reasons for this, there is one reason, which is the same for almost everyone. This reason is poor organization. This means that people are often not well organized, as a couple, and especially after the wedding and honeymoon. Both men and women can become depressed during marriage, but in the majority it unfortunately happens more often in women. Usually because they have a perfect picture in their head about the wedding, honeymoon and the wedding itself. From the beginning of the relationship, women often tend to imagine life with their partner completely in advance. This fantasy is so precisely explained in the mind that it becomes a kind of reality for them, creating the basis for the depression.

A wedding requires planning and teamwork

When most people think about a wedding, the first thing they think about is where they want to throw the party and where they would like to go on their honeymoon. Usually it doesn’t go any further than that. And that is one reason why many possible disappointments only come to light later. It doesn’t matter if you have already formed a foundation by being together for years. It still requires a lot of planning, teamwork and agreements on many issues on how to handle things once they are married to each other. One fantasy that you should definitely put out of your mind is that your marriage is not a continuous fun date where everything will always go perfectly. The truth is that your marriage can be truly wonderful, but challenges and obstacles will also appear every now and then. The truth is, your marriage is not a perfect relationship and it needs to be worked on at all times (just like any other relationship). Unfortunately, many people do not see that yet.

Marriage is not a fairy tale

If you have accepted for yourself that you do not see a marriage as a beautiful fairy tale, you will remain at a distance from the zone where marital depression resides. Accept that besides being partners for life, you also have to think about yourself. Everyone has their own personality and that cannot always match with the other. You don’t have to do everything together. Practice makes perfect! Example: Create a situation in your marriage that could cause depression and on which you and your partner could not agree. Once you have done that, you could start thinking about how you could solve this together. If you study and resolve conflicts in advance, you can enter the marriage better with a realistic plan that will not go wrong so quickly, because you are simply better prepared. This way you will have a good, confident future and you can take on the whole world!

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