Avoid diets, eat healthy!

Many people who want to lose weight follow a diet. Think of Atkins, Sonja Bakker or the Hospital Diet. However, healthy eating is much wiser than following a diet. Why is healthy eating wiser than dieting? Is it really that dangerous to diet or is it not so bad?

Healthy eating or dieting?

Following a diet often sounds very interesting. You can lose a lot of kilos in a short time. Yet a diet is not that good for you at all. Eating healthy and exercising regularly is a better way to lose weight permanently. Why is this and why should you not follow a diet? There are several reasons for choosing this.

Want to lose weight quickly?

A diet is often known for helping you lose weight quickly. This is indeed true, but what is also often a fact is that the kilos do not come off permanently. When you stop your diet, in most cases you will even gain more weight than before the diet. This creates the well-known yo-yo effect. If you have a healthy diet, the kilos you lose will also stay off. With a good lifestyle you can lose about two kilos every two weeks. In the beginning you will lose more weight, because you will mainly lose a lot of fluid.

Important nutrients

When you follow a diet, important nutrients are almost always missing. You usually consume too few calories. This is also called a crash diet. Eating too few calories can have a bad effect on your metabolism. Your body will store the calories that come in as a kind of reserve. This means that you can even gain weight from normal food. You also need vitamins, fiber and fats. It is therefore also important to eat alternately, so that you get all the necessary nutrients.

Easier to maintain

If you eat healthy, this is much easier to maintain than a diet. You also have more options to eat something tasty and unhealthy every now and then. This is often prohibited during a diet. However, when you forbid yourself to do something, it is very difficult to actually stay away from it. For example, don’t think about a white polar bear, you won’t be able to do that. This is also how it works when you say that you are not allowed to eat certain foods. So it is not bad at all to eat a sweet, some chips or something else unhealthy every now and then. As long as you do it in moderation.

No feeling of hunger

With a crash diet you quickly feel hungry because you consume far too few calories and nutrients. With a healthy diet, you generally do not feel hungry. Make sure you eat three meals a day and choose three snacks. This way you will be less hungry. Many vegetables can make you feel full and you can also choose to have a bowl of yogurt as a snack.

To move

A lot of exercise is also important if you want to lose weight. This does not have to be intensive exercise: half an hour of exercise per day is sufficient. For example, go walking, cycling or swimming. Find a sport that appeals to you and that you will enjoy going to.

Good luck

Good luck with losing weight. Do it in a healthy way and you will benefit from it much longer! So really try to avoid dieting and enjoy the results for longer.

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