Your baby’s development; 39 weeks pregnant

An exciting week is coming; the baby could be born at any moment. Still, there is a good chance that the baby will remain seated for a while; many babies are born after their due date. Especially with a first pregnancy. In week 39, the baby is completely ready to be born and weighs on average between 3 and 4 kilos. Read everything about the 39th week of pregnancy in this article.

Hang on a little longer

As a pregnant woman, you may be completely ‘done’ with your pregnancy and cannot wait for the baby to be born. The last mile can feel tough, and ‘waiting for the baby’ can be especially annoying. Many pregnant women are very tired at the end of their pregnancy, both physically and mentally. Despite fatigue, most women find enough strength within themselves to endure childbirth . After giving birth, no matter how difficult, many women are quite ‘proud’ of the performance they have achieved. It is quite important to experience childbirth as positive in some respect. Of course, a pregnant woman cannot completely control this, but relaxing and surrendering to the circumstances helps enormously during childbirth. The brain then automatically produces the substance endorphin, which has a pain-relieving effect. Not only is the pregnant woman ready for childbirth, the baby is also starting to have less and less space in the belly. It wants to go ‘outside’, and the amount of amniotic fluid decreases.


The (healthy) tension surrounding the impending birth can be high. Most pregnant women try to imagine the birth in advance. That is quite difficult, because every woman experiences childbirth in her own way. Many pregnant women are well supported during childbirth by their partner or, for example, a family member. This support can be very important, during childbirth, but also afterwards. After the birth, it may be a good idea to discuss the course of the birth with a loved one; this is part of its processing. Although childbirth can be quite painful, many women are also proud of their achievement. It can be useful to take photos during the birth, or, for example, video recordings. Especially when a birth does not go exactly as hoped (for example in the case of a caesarean section), supporting material can help to process the birth.


Pets such as a dog or cat often have a certain reaction to the birth of a child. Some pets are jealous or rejecting after the birth of a child. It also happens that pets start to behave differently during pregnancy; the hair may fall out, or the pet needs a lot of attention . After giving birth, most animals adapt quite quickly to the new situation. Give animals some time to get used to the new family member.

You in the thirty-ninth week

You probably think it’s enough and don’t want to wait much longer for your baby to be born. There can be quite a rumbling in your stomach (pre-contractions), but it can also be completely calm. It doesn’t necessarily mean all that much. Childbirth can sometimes occur from one moment to another, but labor can also start after many contractions. Try to relax as best you can. Remember that you will be quite busy in the near future. Read another book, watch another movie or go for coffee with a good friend.

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  • Your baby’s development; 40 weeks pregnant
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