Neptune from 2012 to 2026 in the sign of Pisces

Neptune, the planet of the sea, inspiration and idealism, runs from 2012 to 2026 in its own sign the V iss, Neptune takes 165 years to walk 1 lap through the zodiac and the last time he passed through his own sign the Pisces ran from 1848 to 1862.


Stands for the non-material, for dreams, illusion, indulgence, but also for art and refinement. Neptune belongs to detachment and awareness of the universal. Under the influence of Neptune we are receptive, impressionable and empathetic. Neptune gives fantasy but also deceit, deception and empathy. Things that belong to Neptune include drugs, theater, film (illusion), water, gas, spirituality and ecstasy, everything that makes us rise above the ordinary.
Neptune is opposed to the world of laws, regulations , judgment, materialism and limitations. Neptune has nothing to do with this world. Neptune has everything to do with charity, idealism, religion, mysticism, art, occultism, in these areas Neptune can give energy and performance, both creative and reproducing (imitation).
When Neptune is in his own sign, he can express his energy very purely, he is not hindered by anything and so he can pour all his characteristics into the world over the next 14 years. What can we expect from Neptune in these coming years? More self-pity and sentiment, misunderstood enthusiasm, madness and a wave of romance?
Will the world slowly come to understand that the answer must ultimately be sought within? Are we going to become more sensitive to undercurrents and other things that have not been said out loud until now? More sensitive to the emotions of others and to the physical signals of others? Neptune is a water planet that now runs in its own water sign, Pisces, and water is, after all, the ancient symbol for the world of the unconscious, so can we focus more on that in the coming years, or will it be just like the previous period? of Neptune in Pisces, a time of romantic poets, painters, etc. Vincent van Gogh is a good example. He was born in the period with Neptune in Pisces and was (as it later turned out) a very great artist, including the misunderstood enthusiasm and madness which also clearly belongs to Neptune in Pisces.
The previous period when Neptune passed through the sign of Pisces, 1848 to 1862, was mainly characterized by revolutions throughout Europe, by economic depression and unrest and by famine. Within this time, the 1st National Bank in Belgium was founded as well as the 1st trade union. The last death penalty in the Netherlands also occurred during this time. Furthermore, there was the abolition of slavery, pasteurization was discovered and the Red Cross was also founded in 1859. The first letterbox was introduced and the postage stamp was introduced, the KNMI was founded and there was Florence Nightingale who nursed English soldiers during the Crimean War, she is therefore seen as the 1st nurse in the world. We got our 1st cabinet in the Netherlands and a new constitution, making the Netherlands a parliamentary monarchy where the power of the King was limited. The first credit card company was founded and in Lourdes the Blessed Virgin Mary appears no less than 18 times.
It is especially instructive to see how many of these (similar) above topics will be in the spotlight again in the coming years, of course in the style of 2012, but it is still striking to see.

Neptune seen positively gives:

Idealism, Empathy, Vision, Inspiration, Acceptance, Spirituality and Artistic and Creative gifts.

Neptune seen negatively gives:

Distortion, Out of Control, Chaos, Misunderstanding, Self-pity, Unrest, Mist and Fog.

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