Gum correction, gummy smile

Everyone is looking for the perfect smile. If your teeth are too short, or too small in relation to the gums, a gum correction may be an option. In some cases you can also correct a so-called “gummy smile” with Botox. With these aesthetic procedures, the relationships between the gums and the teeth become less visible. An overly developed upper lip, too small or too short teeth are causes of a “gummy smile”. A “gummy smile” shows too much gum when you smile, and this can cause a lot of insecurity . Asymmetrical gums, where more gums are visible on one tooth than on other teeth, can also disrupt your smile. There are a number of solutions to correct the proportions between the gums and teeth.

Gum correction


A gum correction, through surgical cutting or the use of laser, is called gingivectomy or crown lengthening. A laser treatment ensures that the excess gums are burned away. The laser then cauterizes the wound so that no stitches are required. The treatment is generally painless – only the anesthesia may cause some discomfort.

Too much dental bone:

If there is too much dental bone, it can be ground away. The gums are, as it were, “fold up” and is also called “flap surgery” . This does require stitches, and this procedure is more painful than just removing gums.

Lip correction (Lip repositioning) :

This treatment is suitable when the upper lip rises too far when laughing due to the so-called superior labial elevator muscle . Incisions are made where the upper lip is attached to the gums. The upper lip is then placed further down and reattached to the gums. This means that less gums are visible when the patient smiles. The procedure is not painless, and there may be significant swelling for a few days. The result is immediately visible.


Placing veneers – either composite or porcelain shields – on the teeth may be necessary for optimal aesthetic results.
In some cases, the gums may grow back and further treatment is required.


In addition to lip repositioning , a Botox treatment can also provide a solution for a gummy smile due to an upper lip that rises too high. Botox, or botulinum toxin, is now widely used in private clinics as a treatment for wrinkles. Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) can also be counteracted with the help of Botox.
When treating a gummy smile, two injections are given next to the nose. The muscle will then contract less forcefully, so that the upper lip rises slightly less when you laugh. This makes the gums less visible, although the natural facial expression is preserved. A Botox treatment for a gum smile is not permanent and will have to be repeated after 3 to 4 months.


In some cases, orthodontic treatment is necessary. This depends on the position of the jaw, such as an overbite. There are many “invisible” braces on the market, such as braces with white or transparent brackets.


If you have a “gummy smile”, various treatments are possible. Which treatment is suitable depends on your teeth and you will have to consult your dentist.
Finally, a “gummy smile” doesn’t necessarily have to be a hindrance. There are some celebrities, like Nicole Kidman , Gwen Stefani and models like Eva Herzigova and Estella Warren, who don’t let their gum smiles hold them back.

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