Coconut oil: versatile and healthy

From kitchen to bathroom. Coconut oil is a very healthy and versatile product. 100% natural, delicious in taste and with a beneficial effect, coconut oil is suitable for more than just the kitchen. There are many ways to use coconut oil for your health and in this article you can read more about the possibilities of coconut oil.

Which coconut oil?

The best coconut oil for your health is extra virgin, or cold-pressed coconut oil. It is made by fermenting or mechanically pressing coconut pulp. This oil is white in color and is always solid at room temperature (about 20-22 degrees Celsius) or lower. The melting point of this oil is from 24-26 degrees Celsius. Make sure that the oil is not liquid at room temperature. If this is the case, it is definitely a refined form of coconut oil and lacks the healthy properties.

Internal use

Because coconut oil has a relatively high smoke point (the temperature at which fat begins to decompose and thus burns and becomes rancid) (about 175 degrees Celsius), it is very suitable for frying and frying. You can process coconut oil in much the same way as butter. If you use extra virgin coconut oil in cold dishes, it leaves a very subtle coconut flavor and scent.
Due to the lauric acid in the oil, eating coconut oil has several benefits for your health. For example, it has a beneficial effect on your combustion and your immune system. Coconut oil is also said to have a good effect on the thyroid gland.

External use

Extra Virgin coconut oil is very suitable as a 100% natural skin care product, for both normal and dry or problem skin. Simply take some coconut oil between your palms and rub them together until the oil has melted. Apply to the skin where necessary, you can use it all over the body. Dry and sensitive areas in particular will improve with coconut oil.
You can also heat solid, cool coconut oil in a jar (au bain marie) or place it in a warm place so that it melts. This way you have access to already melted oil, which you can easily use for the following purposes:

Hair mask

You get soft and shiny hair by regularly using coconut oil as a hair mask. Work (melted) coconut oil into your dry hair little by little, especially the ends. Wrap your hair in foil and tie a towel around your hair. Let this work for at least an hour, preferably longer. To wash out the oil, first apply some shampoo to your palms and rub it with a little water until it foams slightly. Divide it over the greased hair and massage lightly. Then add small amounts of water until it foams well. Then rinse well and, if necessary, wash again as you normally would. Do not run your oiled hair under the tap before applying some shampoo. The oil and water don’t mix without the shampoo and you run the risk of your hair turning into a greasy mess.

Diaper rash, eczema and spot spots

Problem skin also benefits greatly from coconut oil. Due to its antifungal effect, coconut oil has a healing and soothing effect on eczema and blemish spots . Diaper rash will also disappear like snow in the sun if you rub your baby’s bottom with coconut oil after changing. An additional advantage is that it is a 100% natural product, without chemicals. Such a pleasant thought when used with small children.
Internally or externally, coconut oil is a very flexible and beneficial product.

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