Health: The vagina

There is a lot to be said about it and a lot is known about it, but there is also a lot of ignorance or incorrect perception. Let’s list a few things. Things that hopefully contribute to more awareness about cancer of the vagina, all kinds of discharge or hassle during and after sex.


It may sound strange, but a doctor once said that it is not wrong at all to look at the vagina with a mirror every now and then. Any deviations will then be noticed sooner. In short, know your own body.


The vagina is the connecting canal between the cervix and the labia. Vulva or vagina cancer is relatively rare and even rare under the age of 40. Every year, between 100 and 150 women are diagnosed in the Netherlands. There are some things you should be alert to, such as bleeding or non-healing spots, persistent itching or bloody discharge after sex. However , even with these signals it does not necessarily mean that you have cancer. Of course, see your doctor, as he/she can also help you with your complaints. Vulva or vagina cancer is often treated with radiation, but it depends on the size of the tumor, its location, the age of the woman in question and her condition at that time.

Strange discharge

If the discharge really deviates from normal, it is a good idea to consult your doctor. For example, the grainy or thicker discharge could be a common candida infection. But cadida it can also cause itching. Candida often rears its head when your immune system functions less. Yeast growth increases as acidity changes and this can be due to several reasons. Washing with soap, for example, is undesirable, but many women do it anyway. They then feel cleaner. However, washing with lukewarm water is more than sufficient to be clean and better for the environment. The GP
usually treats the can dida infection with a cream or vaginal tablets.


Given that not all young women who have not yet had sex have a complete hymen, there is more uncertainty about the hymen. To begin with, it is not really a membrane, but a somewhat stiff fold of skin. In addition, not every woman who has sex for the first time loses blood. Furthermore, it is pointless to determine from the hymen whether or not a woman has had sex before. Some women do have a hymen that actually closes off the vagina. The menstrual blood then accumulates, because it cannot pass through. In that case, an opening must be made surgically.

Dry vagina

Some women suffer from a dry vagina at a young age and this is not only annoying, but also painful. The vagina becomes irritated and it can be a reason to be reluctant to have sex. It is known when a woman goes through menopause and there are of course all kinds of aids to solve this (a good example is silicone-based lubricant). The young woman can also make use of this, but the young woman is often advised to spend more time on foreplay. The excitement stimulates mucus production and, if necessary, combine it with a lubricant or special moisturizing cream. This also takes the tension off pain during sex a bit.


There are quite a few women who get bladder infections after sex and besides the fact that you cannot always prevent it, there are some things you can pay attention to. Such as urinating immediately after sex and urinating thoroughly. Pat the vagina dry and do not use soap. The bladder infection is related to a disturbed vaginal environment and you can get a treatment from your doctor to get rid of it. There are also women who swear by cranberry juice/tablets.

Labia dimensions

There are quite a few women who think or think that they have large labia. But only if you really experience discomfort in the labia is it a good idea to consult your doctor. Think of persistent pain when you cycle for a while or the discomfort you get during exercise or sex. In consultation with your GP, it can be determined whether it is useful to have the labia reduced. Even though it seems like a relatively minor operation, it is still an operation and there is always a risk of complications. Complications such as bleeding, less sensation and pain during sex. So think extra carefully if you only want to have surgery from a cosmetic point of view.


And in addition to these common things, there are many more things that can happen on and around the vagina. If you have any doubts, it is advisable to consult your doctor.

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