Regression therapy, the how and why

Regression therapy has a vague character for many people, but regression therapy is merely going back in time, even before birth. Where there is no hypnosis, because you are there. You know what is happening, what you say and what you feel and your supervisor only helps you through the time in search of….

Past life or subconscious what “thinks up”?

Strictly speaking, we do not know whether the bringing back or reliving is a moment from a previous life or whether our subconscious mind comes up with it. But strictly speaking, that doesn’t even matter, because what matters is that it helps you in the now.


If something is bothering you, you have a certain feeling, you are just curious or you have had a traumatic experience, regression therapy can help you. Answers can be given to questions such as:

  • Where does a certain feeling come from that I have had for a long time?
  • I am extremely afraid of water or fire, for example. What is the cause for this?
  • I have a traumatic past and (for whatever reason) have continued to live without real processing, but it hinders my current functioning and I want to get rid of that!
  • I’m just curious about any past lives!


Start with a good therapist

The therapist will always indicate that he/she is not sure whether he/she can get you away. Sometimes it has to be re-used several times and occasionally it doesn’t work at all. But if you dare to surrender, you will generally succeed.
Because you are going to surrender to someone else, it is good that you have a therapist who you trust completely. Pay attention to your gut feeling so that you have a good feeling about this man or woman before you get started. After all, he/she is your guide through your spirit and he/she can take you away if you encounter something where you don’t want to be. Complete surrender is important and that is only possible if you have complete trust.

The process

It is important that you are in a quiet, clean space and where you feel comfortable. With or without music in the background (you can choose that yourself), but where you dare to lie down with great ease and surrender to your therapist.


Take off your shoes, wear comfortable clothes and then lie down. The therapist will start by asking you to relax and let your body feel heavy. It starts with the feet, the legs and slowly moves towards the head. Until the moment you have to close your eyes and if you then have to try to open your eyes and it doesn’t work, the session can begin.
Of course it depends on what you come for, but what matters is that you descend via a staircase to your subconscious and start reliving it. Whereby the therapist will guide you to the answers to that question if you ask a specific question. Often it works, not always.
There is a difference between a traumatic re-experience from this life and your question about something from a possible previous life. Re-experiencing something traumatic requires close collaboration and you may have to return to the therapist several times, for example on a weekly basis, to process it through regression therapy. While a targeted question or just curiosity can be a one-off exercise.


Because he/she guides you through your subconscious, he/she can also guide you through this process. If you have a specific question, the negative feeling behind a door may not affect your answer. In that case, the therapist can bring you back and look for answers behind another door.
It goes without saying that it is useful to relive and process a traumatic experience. Not every therapist is equally experienced in this. Inform yourself well in advance and, as mentioned earlier, go with your gut feeling.

No hypnosis

It’s a strange feeling, because you are indeed there. When you laugh you feel your face go into a laughing state. When you cry, you feel tears running down your face and when you feel anxious, you actually feel it in your body. Goosebumps really appear on your skin and a tendency to hyperventilate can easily occur (but of course the therapist will remove you in time). What matters is that your body really experiences it, but you cannot influence it.


Someone recently asked me if it’s scary. I could answer that wholeheartedly that this is absolutely not the feeling. I spent a few hours there and it is an experience in itself. Moreover, it was able to answer my specific question. Will I do something with it? No idea yet, but the question that was in my head is gone, because I have an answer. In any case, it has already given me that.
I am familiar with some skilled regression therapists. These can be delivered via e-mail upon request.

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