To fall off? Prevent a vitamin deficiency

Are you dieting? Then be very careful that you do not develop a vitamin deficiency. Many people who try to lose weight quickly experience this. Try to avoid this, because it is not good for your body at all. What is the danger of a vitamin deficiency and why should you prevent it if you want to lose weight?

  • Why prevent a vitamin deficiency?
  • Vegetables and fruit
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Fat
  • Bread
  • Multivitamin against a vitamin deficiency?
  • Lose weight by eating healthy


Why prevent a vitamin deficiency?

A vitamin deficiency usually means that you suffer from vague complaints. You usually have less energy and may even feel gloomy. The risk of illness is also many times greater if you consume too few vitamins. People who lose weight often eat much less than is good for them and therefore do not get enough good nutrients. A healthy and varied diet is therefore much wiser than a crash diet. Preventing a vitamin deficiency is not that difficult at all.

Vegetables and fruits

You can get a lot of vitamins and minerals from vegetables and fruit. That is why it is recommended to eat 200 grams of vegetables and two pieces of fruit every day. It is also very important to vary the fruit and vegetables you choose. You can also make a delicious salad, for example with the barbecue or a tasty pasta dish.


Meat also contains vitamins, mainly vitamins B and E. However, eating meat every day is not necessary at all. Do you not eat meat because you are vegetarian? Then choose meat substitutes that also contain these vitamins and try to eat dairy more often. Therefore, try to eat meat at least a few times a week. Choose lean varieties if you want to lose weight. Vitamin B12 can be found in various animal products, such as eggs and milk.


Fish contains vitamin D and you can hardly find this anywhere else. It is therefore important to eat fish at least twice a week. Both the fatty and the lower-fat varieties are fine to eat. However, be careful with fried fish, as it is generally less good for you.


Do you want to lose weight? Then you are probably inclined to leave the fat alone. Yet there are also fats that you need. This also contains vitamins. Choose healthy, unsaturated fats. For example, spread low-fat margarine on your bread.


Bread should certainly not be forgotten in a good diet. Try to eat between six and eight slices of bread a day and preferably choose dark bread. The darker the bread is usually, the better. Bread contains vitamin B11 and you also need this in a good diet.

Multivitamin against a vitamin deficiency?

You can choose to take multivamines. However, this is not necessary at all if you eat healthy and varied. Food also ensures that vitamins are absorbed into your body faster. In that respect, it is better to give up the pills and opt for a healthy diet.

Lose weight by eating healthy

Eating healthy and losing weight is a much better combination than losing weight with a diet. Healthy eating is much easier to maintain than a diet and it also prevents you from getting the yo-yo effect. Also make sure you get enough exercise, because this also burns calories, which will make losing weight even easier.

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