Everyday Minerals: trendy mineral make-up via the webshop

Mineral make-up. It can no longer be dragged on. Now the famous American brand Everyday Minerals is also available in the Netherlands. What makes mineral skin care and make-up so popular? Easy. It fits the beauty we want today: suitable for the most difficult skin types, animal and nature friendly, and a wide choice of colors. No wonder that Everyday Minerals has been awarded several times by consumers and professionals. And you simply buy it via the beauty webshop. Mineral make-up is on the rise. Now the famous American brand Everyday Minerals is also available in the Netherlands. Why is mineral makeup so popular now? Because it fits exactly with the beauty we want and need today. A brand like Everyday Minerals is packed with natural ingredients instead of scary chemical additives. It is animal-friendly, unlike the ‘old’ guard of cosmetics that are still unnecessarily tested on animals to this day. Everyday Minerals is also organic and suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. And, very important: mineral make-up such as Everyday Minerals is affordable and easy to order online.

Award-winning foundations

It is mainly the progressive makers who produce mineral make-up. This also means that the products are often distinguished. Everyday Minerals has been popular in America for years for its high quality, affordable prices and wide range of choices and colors. The ‘Everyday Minerals Base’ foundations have been awarded several times as the best foundation by consumers and professionals.

The beauty webshop

New times, new makeup, new shopping methods. That’s why there is now… the beauty webshop. Don’t just choose one, find a shop that has exactly what suits you. A good beauty webshop is actually a ‘portal’ to exactly the things and brands you love. That saves you searching again. Everyday Minerals is exclusively available at Double Beauty. Www.doublebeauty.nl not only has a wide range of Everyday Minerals products, but also all kinds of other hip international brands of the ‘new generation’ of cosmetics and skin care: green, trendy, affordable, original.


Kind to your skin, kind to animals and nature

Once upon a time, Western make-up was only for white, European women. Now we are finally all in the picture, no matter what skin color we have. Everyday Minerals has a range that suits virtually every skin color. But mineral make-up also has a particularly velvety structure, because the base consists of ultra-fine mineral powders. The colors are made from pigments inspired by the rich colors of nature. Everyday Minerals makes the products not only organic, but also vegan and environmentally conscious.


Apply your new mineral make-up colors with the super soft, vegan Everyday Minerals make-up brushes.


What is not included

It is actually very strange that for a long time you were more or less at the mercy of the chemical ingredients and aggressive ingredients of cosmetics and skin care. Traditional skin care often contains very scary ingredients, which are allowed because they are not dangerous ‘in this quantity and in this application’. That remains to be seen. Fortunately, the new generation of skin care products are natural and mild. Everyday Minerals makeup does not contain any preservatives, fillers or binders that can irritate your skin. It is the ultra finely ground particles of minerals, such as Mica, that give your skin its glowing complexion. Sun protection is achieved through components such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

Beauty webshop Double Beauty: Everyday Minerals.. and more

Double Beauty is a beauty webshop that specializes in trendy, high-quality products from all over the world. The extensive shop offers everything for hair, nails, make-up and body care. All brands are not tested on animals, pleasant to use and loved by beauty enthusiasts, make-up artists and experts in the Netherlands and abroad. Double Beauty is ‘the place to shop’ for brands such as MoroccanOil, Too Faced, Mixed Chicks, Cowshed and now also Everyday Minerals. Double Beauty is the only provider of Everyday Minerals in the Netherlands. A wide range of Everyday Minerals products are available: many colors of foundations, eye shadows, blush, finishing powders, brushes and much more.