Korres Natural Products: ‘green’, trendy skin care

Already awarded many awards worldwide, Korres Natural Products is now finally also easily available in the Netherlands. The brand distinguishes itself by translating science into natural skin care with mouth-watering scents and textures. It is the young beauty webshop Double Beauty that brings Korres creams, scrubs, body butters and other delicacies within reach of our eager hands… In the trend towards natural cosmetics and skin care, the brand Korres, which has been showered with awards and accolades, fits perfectly. Natural Products. Already big in thirty countries worldwide, this young brand is now also starting to become popular in the Netherlands. Not least because cosmetics webshop Double Beauty now also offers facial and body care from the Greek Korres. This puts an end to the tedious hassle of tracking down your favorite skin care products via international websites… and thus the high shipping costs.

Science and homeopathy

Korres is already one of the most highly regarded brands in natural cosmetics worldwide. The nice thing about the brand is that scientific knowledge and a heart for nature are united in the products. Korres Natural Products is a young brand. It took shape in 1996 in Athens, Greece. Korres set itself the goal of using scientific sources, which the founder himself had studied from his profession as a homeopathic pharmacist, for a natural and safe product. Korres gradually expanded. Korres now offers a complete range of skin and hair care, make-up and sun products.

Buried with awards

Korres may have only been around for over 15 years, but the brand has already received more than 75 awards from beauty experts and consumers worldwide. This includes more and less well-known names such as Best of Beauty 2010, Natural Wonders, Wild Rose Foundation, Allure Magazine America and Prix d’ Excellence de la Beaute 2011 and Marie Claire Greece


Natural aromas and effects

Beauty Webshop Double Beauty has included Korres body and facial care in its range. This includes facial care lines with promising names such as Wild Rose, Quercetin & Oak, Pomgranate and Yoghurt. For the body there is a mouth-watering series of scrubs, shower gels and body butters. Chosen for their effectiveness and deep natural aromas, the skin is pampered with the tropical scents of guava, figs, fresh lemon basil or woody vanilla cinnamon.

Double Beauty Beauty webshop

Double Beauty is a progressive beauty webshop focused on a great ambition: collecting the trendiest, high-quality beauty products from all over the world. The extensive shop offers everything for hair, nails, make-up and body care. All brands are not tested on animals, trendy, pleasant to use and highly regarded in the Netherlands or abroad by beauty enthusiasts, make-up artists and experts. In addition to Korres, Double Beauty is also ‘the place to shop’ for brands such as Everyday Minerals, MoroccanOil and Too Faced.