The mistakes women make when making love

The causes of a bad sexual relationship often come from men. That does not alter the fact that women can also make mistakes with sex. But what kind of mistakes are we talking about? What do women do wrong in sexual relationships? And what can they do about this, so that their relationship gets better again.

Causes of a bad sexual relationship

A bad sexual relationship is often blamed on the man. Yet it also happens that women make mistakes in the bedroom. For a relationship you need 2 people and both have to put effort into the bedroom. When your sex life is at a low ebb and is simply not what it once was, thoughts quickly start to flow about all the things that are good or bad about your partner. The man does not always know what turns a woman on, simply because the man simply does not always understand the female body. As a result, the blame for a bad sexual relationship is often placed on the man. As a result, the women are often blind to their own poor contribution to bedroom activities. But what could these causes be? Perhaps one of the causes below is the main culprit for women.

Tensions about appearance

The fact is that stressing about appearance will often kill all sexual tension. If you are constantly concerned with your appearance and think that you do not look good, you will never achieve that desired orgasm. Try to focus on the pleasure of sex and keep the image of bad looks out of your mind. Almost all men enjoy it when their partner is an animal in bed, and that is not possible with all those headaches. The man is really not concerned with this, he just wants nice sex with you.

Men don’t always want sex

As a young man, it is of course rare that you do not feel like having sex. But as men get older this will become more common. Causes such as a family, work or all kinds of other things that cause certain pressure mean that a man does not always feel like it. If a woman does not feel like having sex, this is not linked to their feelings for the man. On the other hand, if a man does not feel like having sex, this is often directly linked to the fact that the man may no longer like their partner. The relationship is immediately scrutinized by the woman, although this is not necessary at all.

Don’t give advice

Talking openly about your relationship is not always easy. Certainly not with a man. But on the other hand, your sex life should not turn into a daily routine. A man simply does not know everything about the female body, so share that information with him. Take the initiative to give him advice to help you reach that fantastic climax. Let him know what you want, it will only be to your advantage, really!

No initiative

Women don’t always want to appear pushy to a man for fear of being seen as some kind of sex animal. Many women leave the man in their role of hunter and therefore often (unjustly) the initiative with the man. The man certainly wants to take the initiative when it comes to sex, but the man feels that this does not always have to come from him. Show interest more often and take the initiative towards your loved one, this will only do your relationship good.

Sex should remain fun in the relationship

It is important to remain yourself during sex. Don’t play a role in yourself, this won’t do any good to your relationship. Sex should not be an obligation. If you don’t feel like it, you should be able to tell the other person, but do this in a loving way. Communication is very important in a relationship, including communicating about sex.

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