The body weight after the New Year’s hype

For many people, deception is (once again) a thing of the past. People who have the sincere intention year after year to lose those extra kilos. Apparently, January 2 is the ultimate moment for many people to realize this and so many people start fanatically. But once the year has gotten off to a good start, what’s left of it?


Granted that many men and women think that those extra kilos will come off just as quickly, but that is only for a small group. The majority has to make an effort to get it off and keep it off.
If you just want to lose those kilos, there are some relatively quick methods, but if you also want to be good for your body for the future, it is a different story.


Most people who are overweight, more than a kilo or so, have gained it by eating and drinking more than what is consumed (by the body). If we take that as a starting point, getting rid of your extra kilos in a simple way is also a short-term solution. Naturally, shakes and bars are a way to lose a few pounds. However, if your lifestyle is wrong, you will regain those kilos in no time and you can start again. While some started January 2nd with dedication, many have already finished dieting in February. That is logical as some people operate.


This means that those who really want to work on their lifestyle are only just getting started after the New Year’s hype. To be honest, I hope so too, because those people stick with it the longest or better yet, they make it second nature. It no longer feels like a diet, having to deprive yourself of something. Making it second nature is awareness.
Not to say that runners are dead runners, but the shakes, bars and soups do not replace your current lifestyle, only your diet for a certain period of time. In addition, you have the crashers who live on almost nothing for a period of time. Eating what they normally do not eat and with all the consequences that entails if they resume the old eating pattern. 1000 or less kilocalories is not healthy and neither is living on carrots and cucumbers alone. Your body goes into reserve mode, does not consume much anymore and everything it takes in afterwards is stored, after all, will another time of starvation come? The memory of the cells.

Don’t eat more than you consume

So change your lifestyle and that doesn’t have to be a huge change. Changing the nuances in your lifestyle often provides a solution. It is a good idea, whether you do this at the beginning of the year or any other time, to look at how your lifestyle is structured.
The basic principle is and remains that if you do not eat more than you consume, you will not gain weight. If it’s right, you won’t lose weight either. But if you have it in mind, you have already taken an important step. You can then see what extras you eat that you can omit from your diet, at least temporarily or permanently. What unhealthy things do you still eat and drink, where you can improve and what the consequences will be if you eat or drink them again in the future? But last but least, what does your exercise pattern look like?

To move

Exercise is a given, but not for everyone. Except for people who are not mobile for medical reasons, everyone else can move. Exercise is in the smallest things and besides the fact that your body is already consumed by keeping your blood flowing and your organs running, exercise is important to keep the body flexible. Some people also enjoy exercising and others do it purely out of necessity, but moving is a must. An hour a day is the minimum and if you keep track of everything you do, you can easily see whether you are achieving that hour. If you exceed that hour and you have already examined your diet, there is a real chance that you will get rid of those extra kilos. Not very fast, but very well thought out and calm.
The calorie counter, an app for your phone, simplifies the process, because it allows you to keep track of what you eat and how many kilocalories they are versus your movements and how much you consume. A simple sum, which the app also does for you, shows you how you are doing. And of course this also applies to this information, you are only fooling yourself if you do not fill it in honestly.

In conclusion

As the dietitian, the GP or any logical person will say, losing weight at a leisurely pace is better for the long term. If this is also accompanied by the awareness process that everything that goes into your body does something to that same body, then you have taken an important next step. Is it necessary to start on January 2? Nonsense, but for some people it is an incentive to start with a clean slate in this way. As long as it does something positive for you psychologically, that’s okay and yes, that is also allowed in the spring, mid-summer or autumn.