Make-up tips: a radiant complexion

The era of the classic “rouge” that gave you way too red cheeks is over. There are now a hundred and one types of foundation and blush to give you a radiant complexion. When creating your complexion, it is important to follow a few steps.

1. Take care of your skin

Beautifully cared for skin guarantees a better result after make-up. Cleanse your skin with a suitable cleansing milk, apply a lotion and a moisturizing cream. There are customized products for every type of skin.
There should be no trace of your previous make-up left behind. Also remember to regularly perform a gentle facial peel and apply a mask occasionally.

2. Apply a base for real make-up

You can skip this step if you don’t think it’s really necessary. A base, or pre-makeup, ensures that imperfections such as wrinkles and spots are hidden and brightens your complexion. You can apply them with your fingertips or with a damp sponge where it is needed.

3. Apply foundation for the complexion

To start, choose your favorite foundation: transparent or covering, satin or matte, natural…
To try out the effect of your foundation, you can first apply it to your hand. Make a fist and apply the foundation to the side of your fist, in line with your thumb. A good foundation should blend in with your own skin color. You shouldn’t see too big of a difference.
Once you have found the right foundation, apply it to your entire face. Don’t forget to also apply this to your eyelids, lips and along the edge of your hair. It is best to work from the inner part of your face outwards.
Depending on your foundation, you can apply it with a sponge or with your fingers. Follow the instructions on the packaging.

4. Apply corrective (cover) stick

If there are still wrinkles or veins visible under your eyes, you can use a (cover) stick to conceal them. Apply this to the dark area under your eyes.
If you think you have too big bags under your eyes, you can place two cold soup spoons on your eyes for about 15 minutes before starting your make-up. First put the spoons in the freezer so that they are nice and cold. There are also special products available on the market that you can apply before going out.

5. Apply powder

You definitely need powder for a nice matte finish. Apply this all over your face, including your eyelids and lips. It is best to use an inconspicuous natural powder that is suitable for all complexions. The most convenient way to apply powder is with a large brush. Wipe this gently along your face.

6. Apply blush

To complete your makeup, you can also apply blush to your cheeks. Focus especially on your cheekbones.
To choose the right color , you can keep a simple rule in mind: a light skin tone requires a lighter blush, a dark skin tone requires a darker blush.
Blush comes in several types.
Powder blush : can be used for all skin types. Use a brush to apply this. Apply the blush to your brush and blow off the excess or rub it on the back of your hand. Make movements from the center of your cheeks outward. If you make light circular movements, you will be less likely to see stripes on your face.

Cream blush

Creme blush is suitable for all skin types, except for oily skin types. Creme blush gives a more intense result than powder blush, so it’s easy to apply too much. Therefore, start by applying a little with your fingertips and add little by little until you are satisfied.
Make sure you don’t get defined blush edges. Let the edges fade nicely into the rest of your complexion.
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