Beauty: Spring colors in make-up

The winter snow has not yet disappeared and cosmetic brands are already falling over each other to show their new spring colors and new materials. These are not huge changes, but in terms of color there is a nuance difference with other spring seasons. Gently combine the old with the new.

Color, color and color…

Color is timeless, but while pink (in all kinds of varieties) always does well in the spring, much more is now allowed. Most cosmetic houses go the extra mile when it comes to the soft, typical spring colors. It is no longer just the powder shades that work well, but the brighter colors in a slightly toned down form, which we see in all cosmetic products.


The eyes always remain an anomaly when it comes to colors. The black mascara continues to do well, but the eye shadow is diverse and you can make nice combinations with it. Consider soft blue in combination with white and anthracite (the only mascara that works well in this combination is the warm blue mascara). The anthracite is toned down a bit and is placed in the outer corners of the eyes, but the blue and white are prominent. White in particular is a precarious color, because not everyone looks white. White can also make the eyes hard. So also apply the white in a softer tone. Almost inconspicuous under the eyebrows and slightly faded towards the inner corner of the eye. Subtle is the right word here. LOreal and Clarins have nice sets with combined colors in their range.
There are also completely new colors for the eyes. Colors that you would not immediately think of on the eyelids, colors such as pink, off white, mustard green, orange/yellow or turquoise. And yet these colors are all for sale. The trick is the application, because they are colors that, with the right shade and nuance, can emphasize the color or shape of the eye. Some practice can’t hurt, but if you want to emphasize the eye and just apply such a nuanced color with some mascara, this can be a nice solution. Brands such as Lancome and Dior have colors in this range.

Cheeks, lips and nails

The cheeks, lips and nails are packed together for the simple reason that these colors are coordinated in spring. The soft peachy orange on the cheeks can be achieved with a little shine on the lips and with a high gloss on the nails. A beautiful combination that can be achieved with just a little mascara. The same combination can be made with powder pink or slightly more shepherd pink (certainly not hard pink). You can also see the pink on the eyes, but don’t overdo it on the eyes or cheeks and lips.


You can also emphasize the lips very subtly with just a balm with a soft color. The pink and orange tones can often be found in the various soothing, but certainly well-groomed lip balms. Even in spring it can still be chilly and the extra-groomed lips remain supple all day long. Easy to put in the bag and reapply in between with the greatest of ease.


The nails also have some other toned-down colors, but they are bold colors. Namely the sky blue or green in a soft powder color. Nice if you wear something with that color shade or with white, but not easy to combine with all colors. More something for a special occasion.
Most brands have some of these colors in their range, ranging from Lancome to Dior, Rimmel, MaxFactor, Chanel or Clarins. This also means that they are available in all price ranges and are therefore accessible to everyone.


It is not the range that makes a difference to his face, but the way in which the woman herself knows how to combine, surprise and nuance. It’s nice to delve deeper into this, even if spring is still a while away.