Tips for the maternity visit

If a baby is on the way, there will also be visitors on the way. Some parents find this pleasant, while others don’t want to know anything about it for the first week. Respect the parents’ wishes and do not be impatient even if you really want to see the baby. In this article you can read all kinds of tips if you want to or are going on a maternity visit.

When on a maternity visit

If you are part of the family, you will most likely be allowed to visit as soon as the baby is born. These are for example:

  • brother
  • sister
  • father
  • mother

and of course these relatives of your loved one. Even if they don’t tell you to leave, try not to stay too long, the new parents will need their rest. The rest would be better off waiting to see what is stated in the birth announcement or what may be discussed by telephone.
Most birth announcements are not sent the same day, this is often so that the parents and the baby can get used to the first few days, but the choice is up to the parents themselves. Always call first, an unexpected visit can normally be nice, but with a baby and little sleep it can be very inconvenient. Many parents plan fixed days or times during the week where they can have visitors come by. Really try to be there at that time, it is difficult enough to plan visits between feedings.
A half-hour visit is long enough to see the baby, eat a rusk and catch up. Keep a maximum time of one hour in mind, especially if you visit in the first 3 weeks.

Rusk with mice

Eating rusk with mice is truly a Dutch tradition, the colored mice were invented by Cornelis de Ruijter. Around the 17th century, new mothers were already given maternity anise, which is a liqueur made from the buds and seeds of the anise plant. The anise is said to be good for:

  • the uterus, which would return to its original size more quickly
  • the production of breast milk

At first there were only white mice available, then white with pink and finally white with blue.

Holding the baby

First of all, never expect to be allowed to hold the baby, especially in the first few days, the parents may not want this. A new mother may find it difficult to set boundaries, so it is best not to ask if you can hold the baby but to wait until the mother asks if you want to hold him/her.
If so, keep in mind that the neck and head of a newborn baby are very vulnerable; he/she will initially not be able to lift his/her own head. It is therefore important to properly support the head in any position. Only hold the baby if you are healthy, as a cold sore alone can have serious consequences for a baby.
Also make sure that you do not carry a strong scent with you, the scent of the newborn baby is often a very soft scent that the fathers and mother enjoy immensely, so it is best to leave the perfume and/or cigarettes, etc. at home.

Maternity gift

Many people buy clothes for newborn babies, but a baby grows very quickly and it is difficult to choose a good size. It may be that the sweet hat you bought does not fit your head right away, that would be a shame. Things that are always popular are:

  • things with the baby’s name on them
  • bibs
  • clothes preferably in a slightly larger size
  • reading books
  • toys for when she/he is a bit older
  • a gift voucher
  • a gift for mothers or fathers

Being original with a gift can be fun but is not really necessary, it is best if it is something that is really useful. Often only the baby gets new things while the parents are still very tired from the whole birth, so a good idea is to spoil them with, for example, a nice bathrobe, bath items or a voucher for a meal or outing so that they can use this later. the baby can do together.