A cohabitation contract

You regularly hear from couples living together that they have signed a cohabitation contract. They have made agreements about certain matters regarding cohabitation. In many cases, the cohabitation contract can be extremely useful, especially when a relationship is on the rocks.

To confirm an appointment

People who move in together draw up a cohabitation contract because they want some security. They want to be sure that everything is properly arranged regarding certain agreements. If you are going to live together with your partner, you can have a cohabitation contract drawn up. This contains the agreements you have made about living together. For example, it contains agreements that you must adhere to, regarding bank accounts, the division of household costs and the division of living costs. It also contains agreements about the division of assets if you end your relationship. You can decide for yourself what is in the contract.

Multiple people

You may also enter into a cohabitation contract with several people. For example, a man and two women can draw up and sign such a contract together. If you start living together, you do not need to draw up a cohabitation contract. So you are not obliged to do this.

Draw it up yourself or take it to the notary

There are two options when it comes to drawing up the contract. You can draw it up together with your partner, but you can also have this done by the notary. Sometimes it is even mandatory to have it drawn up by the notary.

Number of conditions

There are a number of conditions attached to drawing up a contract. For example, you must be over 18 years old, you must comply with the legal rules and you may not be under guardianship.

No alimony

If you end your relationship, your ex-partner does not have to pay alimony. He or she only has to pay this if it is stated in the cohabitation contract. If you have not arranged this and your ex believes that he or she is entitled to it, the judge must determine this.

A child

If you have drawn up a cohabitation contract and you have a child, the woman will of course automatically become the mother. The man only really becomes the official father when he recognizes his child. He can do this with the notary or with the registrar.

No cohabitation contract

You can of course also choose not to make any agreements if you start living together and therefore not to draw up a cohabitation contract. You are then not obliged to support each other. You are therefore not entitled to an inheritance or alimony. Even if you have not drawn up a cohabitation contract, cohabitation has consequences. This is because the government has imposed rules for this. This includes rules regarding taxes and benefits.

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