Prevent and reduce bedwetting

Do you have a child over the age of five who regularly wets the bed unconsciously? Then don’t worry. After all, not all children realize at the same age when their bladder is full and they need to empty it. This is very difficult to control, especially at night. There are several natural remedies to prevent and reduce bedwetting.


Children over the age of five should first and foremost learn how to prevent bedwetting. They can do this by delaying urination for as long as possible during the day. In the beginning, this delay should not last too long, a few minutes at most. They can then slowly increase the duration of this period.

Peeing before bedtime

Force your child to urinate before going to bed. If that doesn’t work or your child has a hard time about it, pour a little water over their legs. This will make it easier for them to urinate.

Nighttime toilet visits

Does your child suffer from bedwetting almost every night? Then make it a habit to wake your child up at a fixed time during the night and let him go to the toilet.

Scared in the dark

Some children are afraid of the dark and simply do not dare to go to the toilet at night. Leaving a night light on can provide a solution.


Gives your child a reward for every night he or she doesn’t wet the bed. This is especially effective in children who are between five and eight years old.

Stress and uncertainty

Stress and uncertainty will make the problem worse. So never get angry with your child if he wets his bed and never make fun of him.


Let your child chew on a few sprigs of parsley before bedtime. This is one of the best known and best natural remedies to prevent and reduce bedwetting.


Give your child a glass of cranberry juice (cranberry juice) before bedtime. Cranberries increase the amount of urine so that the child more easily realizes that the bladder is full. Ideal in combination with the above exercises.

Walnuts and raisins

Another good method to prevent and reduce bedwetting is to give children a handful of walnuts and raisins to eat before going to sleep.

St. John’s wort root

Massage the inner thighs with the oil of St. John’s wort root to prevent and reduce bedwetting.


Make an infusion of horsetail and give your child a cup of this infusion before bedtime.

Orange blossom

Orange blossom infusion is also suitable for preventing and reducing bedwetting. Start with one cup of orange blossom tea before bedtime.

Avoid soft drinks and tea

Children should not drink soft drinks and tea. This makes them have to urinate more often, which also encourages bedwetting.

Avoid sweets, chocolate, meat and artificial colors and sweeteners

What you should also avoid to prevent bedwetting are sweets, chocolate, meat and anything artificial (colouring, sweeteners, etc.).


Feed your child at least two to three bananas per day. In most cases this is sufficient to prevent bedwetting.

Dates and milk

Remove the seeds from five dates and then boil the dates in one and a half cups of milk. Your child should eat this before going to bed.

Calcium and magnesium

Calcium and magnesium supplements control involuntary bladder movements. They are therefore very good to take as a supplement to prevent and reduce bedwetting.

Vitamin A

Eat enough fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin A. This vitamin ensures the correct functioning of the bladder.


Zinc also improves bladder function and also improves the body’s immune system.