For René Descartes, knowledge (scientia) is certain and evident knowledge. According to Descartes, a subject of knowledge cannot acquire knowledge either through the senses or imagination, but only through evident and indubitable grasp of the object of knowledge.


4 Characteristics of Biography

Biographies are essayistic and memoiristic literary texts, which are classified within the non-fiction genres. On the one hand, it has historical importance, in the sense that they tell of the successes, failures and singularities of the life of some relevant historical figure.

4 Characteristics of Review Texts

4 Characteristics of Review Texts

We explain what a review is, its objective and what topics or objects it can address. Also, literary reviews and critical reviews. In addition to the well-known movie reviews, there are restaurants, places and many products.

4 Characteristics Informative Text

We explain what an informative text is, its structure, types and other characteristics. Also, examples and other types of texts. The informative text tries to be objective, it does not include arguments or opinions.

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