Shisha pen – the e-cigarette as a smoking candy

The shisha pen looks like a cigarette or a ballpoint pen, but it is actually a candy that you can smoke. The shisha pen is a small water pipe, a variant of the e-cigarette. The e-cigarette contains nicotine, the shisha pen does not. The liquid in the pen is heated and inhaled. Doctors are very concerned. Children and young people would learn to smoke from lurking at the pen. The marketing is strong, but STIVORO is fiercely opposed and warns about the development. Children come to see smoking as normal.

A candy that you can smoke

  • Shisha pen
  • Different colors and flavors
  • Sweet e-cigarette
  • Ingredients
  • Smoking
  • Fad and wildfire


Shisha pen

It looks like a cigarette but is a candy in the shape of a pen that you can smoke.
The shisha pen is also known as:

  • E-cigarette;
  • eshisha;
  • electronic shisha;
  • shish sticks;
  • hookah.



Shisha is the Egyptian word for water pipe, which is actually the big brother of the pen.
When smoking the hookah, the smoker inhales flavored water vapor and also nicotine. The shisha pen contains no nicotine and no tar, but does contain sweet flavors.

Different colors and flavors

The shisha -hourly and refillable. They are sold individually and in boxes like cigarette packs. The colors correspond to the flavors:

  • Strawberry;
  • Apple;
  • coke;
  • peach;
  • vanilla;
  • cherries;
  • watermelon;
  • mint;
  • grapes.


Sweet e-cigarette

The shisha pen is a variant of the e-cigarette, although it does not contain nicotine. The taste is sweet, created from the flavors of the hookah. You pull on the pen like a cigarette and then the water vapor with the flavor is released. At the tip of the pen a light glows like the fire of a cigarette. The gesture is of a person smoking and the shisha pen looks like a cigarette. The water vapor can be inhaled over the lungs. The pen – there are non-refillable and refillable ones on the market – consists of several parts:

  • LED light at the end;
  • microprocessor;
  • battery;
  • atomizer;
  • cartrigde;
  • seal.


Led light

The LED light glows when you take a puff. It is reminiscent of the glow of a cigarette. The light shows that the shisha pen is working properly. When it flashes the cartridge is empty.

Micro processor

The microprocessor switches the battery on and off. When you take a puff, the battery is switched on.


The lithium battery is required to operate the atomizer.


The atomizer heats up the cartridge, it is the heating element. The liquid in the cartridge then produces water vapor.


Together with the battery and atomizer, the contents of the cartridge provide the smoke.


The seal is the mouthpiece that ensures that the smoke comes out of the cartridge gradually. The smoker takes out a little with each puff.


The pen does not contain nicotine or tar, but it does contain many other substances. What these substances do in the lungs and whether they cause damage has not yet been sufficiently researched. The substances are:

  • propylene;
  • glycol;
  • glycerin;
  • triacetin;
  • water;
  • ethyl alcohol;
  • maltol;
  • methyl cyclopentenolone;
  • beta-damascone;
  • beta-lonone;
  • 10.2-acetyl pyrrole.

It is known that propylene is slightly toxic and removes moisture from the body. Therefore, drinking water is recommended.


The danger of the shisha pen – which does not need to be investigated, because it is obvious – lies in the shape and use of the pen. It’s a practice cigarette. A child who has smoked a shisha pen once is likely to switch to real cigarettes more quickly. In addition, the shisha pen is available in specialty cigarette stores, so that children who want to buy the pen come into contact with real tobacco products. The shisha pen does not fall under the Tobacco Act, so it can be sold to children. The importer recommends an age limit of 16 years, but there is no legal obligation. In online stores where the shisha pen is sold, the age of 18 is also used, but when ordering via the internet, this can be changed. The product is also for sale at fairs.

Fad and wildfire

The shisha pen has been a craze among primary and secondary school students in Amsterdam since the spring of 2013, which has slowly spread across the country in the following years. Smoking the sisha pen and smoking in general has an enormous appeal to young people. The tobacco industry is powerful and it makes money from the unhealthy habit.
“With its bright and fresh colors, the Shisha pen from Shishadreamer is a stylish way to smoke,” the online store recommends the pink, green, yellow and purple pens. Opponents of smoking see the hand of the tobacco industry, which is looking for new opportunities due to the increase in anti-smoking measures. The greatest danger lies in the fact that smoking is seen as normal by children, children get used to the actions associated with smoking. The schisha-pen is going like wildfire.

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