Removing abdominal hair (belly stripe navel to pubic hair)

Some women suffer from it. Dark hairs growing from the navel to the mons pubis. There are different names for it, from belly hair and belly stripe to happy trail or happy line. Belly hair is very normal, but most women would prefer to get rid of it. How can you best approach this? Unfortunately, blonde (down) hairs on the belly are not self-evident for everyone. A dark streak of hair from the navel to the mons pubis is an eyesore for most women. What can you best do about it?


One option is to shave the hairs away. This gives a smooth result for a while, but keep in mind that you may experience stubble. Moreover, you get coarser hairs back. If you first scrub the skin to remove dead skin cells, this can help prevent ingrown hairs.


There are special bleaches/blondes on the market for body hair, such as Jolene or Veet . The product often comes in a complete set, where you must first mix the bleaching powder or bleaching cream with an activating cream. You can then apply this to the dark hairs with a spatula. Then it is a matter of letting it work for a while and rinsing off. It is advisable to first test a small area of skin to avoid possible allergic reactions.


When you epilate the hairs, you pull them out by the roots. The advantage is that the hairs stay away longer than shaving. Moreover, they grow back more finely. You can epilate the hairs with tweezers (some tweezers have a handy light), or use an epilator. Epilation is not completely painless, and the skin can become somewhat irritated, especially in the beginning.


You can also wax/wax your belly stripe. You can have this done by a beautician, or buy wax strips yourself at the drugstore. Resin strips are available in different sizes. For a belly mark, the smaller strips are easier to use.

Electric epilation

Electric epilation is a more permanent solution for annoying hairs on the abdomen. Using a thin needle, an electric current is delivered to the hair follicle, after which it is removed with tweezers. Current is then applied to the empty hair follicle for a few more seconds.
Electric epil ation is a treatment that you can have done by a beautician. The disadvantage of the treatment is that it is quite a time-consuming and not entirely painless job. The hairs must be treated several times, and how long the treatment takes in total depends on, among other things, the thickness of the hairs, how many hairs are involved and the growth rate. The treatment period can vary from several months to years. However, the hairs grow back thinner, and the space between the hairs gradually becomes slightly larger.

IPL treatment

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light , in which strongly focused light is beamed onto the skin.
Hair contains pigment (melanin) that absorbs light and converts it into heat. This heat ends up in the hair follicle and destroys the hair follicle. This way, no hair can grow back in the hair follicle.
This method also requires several treatments and can only be used on dark hair. A dark belly mark can therefore be treated.
So there are several options for removing belly hair. Which one is suitable for you depends on how much hair you have and which method of hair removal you prefer.

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