Tips against back fat (fat rolls on the back)

Rolls of fat on your back that are visible through clothing – many women are familiar with this. For example, that nice dress suddenly doesn’t fit so well when you turn around. It is difficult to get rid of back fat, but certainly not impossible. So what can you do to effectively tackle back fat? Below you will find a number of solutions. Fat rolls on the back are often a thorn in the side of many women. Sometimes the fat rolls can be seen through clothing, which can make women feel very insecure. There are a number of solutions to effectively combat back fat.


One of the best ways to tackle back fat is to exercise. Cardio training increases the heart rate and burns fat. A good cardio workout is, for example, aerobics. Combine cardio with strength training such as bench press, chest flies and dead lifts . It is recommended to do these strength exercises at least three times a week, in sets of 15 times.
Although training and healthy eating are always recommended, in some cases it is not possible to lose back fat sufficiently. Fortunately, there are still a number of options.

Cool Sculpting

Cool Sculpting is the newest alternative to liposuction. The treatment works by freezing the fat cells, so that fat on specific body parts can be tackled. It may sound scary, but Cool Sculpting is a painless treatment. No surgery or recovery period is required.
The fat rolls are cooled, causing you to feel a severe cold for a moment. Still, the treatment is quite comfortable, and you can feel free to read or work on your laptop during the 60 minutes it lasts. The fat cells die and are removed by the body naturally.
1 to 3 treatments are needed, depending on how much fat is present locally. The disadvantage of a Cool Sculpting treatment is that it is quite expensive. is


Shapewear is corrective underwear. With the right shapewear you can camouflage back fat well and ensure that clothing fits smoothly again. Shapewear streamlines your body and gets rid of fat pads.
There are different types of shapewear for sale, from full body shapers to tops. A corrective tank top is a good solution for back fat.

Proper bra

It may not be the first thing you think of, but a bra can also have a big influence on how much back fat is visible. A poorly fitting bra emphasizes the fat rolls, so it is important to purchase a perfectly fitting bra.
It is useful to get advice if you are going to buy a bra. Make sure that the bra is made of good supporting material, is not too tight, and has thicker straps. The band on the back should be equal to, or even slightly lower than, your bust. For many women, it is too high on the back, which flattens the wrong places and accentuates bulges.
Fat rolls on the back are a common problem. Depending on what you like, the above methods are good solutions to effectively tackle back fat.

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