Health: Conscious living, mindfulness

Conscious living has now become quite a catch-all concept, but that does not alter the fact that we all know broadly what we mean by it. Yet everyone interprets it at least partly differently. However, there are some basic principles that can help you in the process.


It is different for everyone when the real awareness process starts, but broadly speaking we talk about the same things, such as:

  • Start by really listening to your body and mind.
  • Know what you eat and drink, let this also be a conscious process.
  • Make sure your body is well maintained by keeping that same body flexible.
  • Make sure your mind is well maintained through rest and inspiration.


No ego show

Reading these important main groups you would think that it is an ego show, but with conscious living you have to start with the basics and that is your own body and mind. But if you feel better about yourself in this way, it is also easier to be open and concerned with your environment.


For those who are seriously starting to work on this process or are already working on it, there are a number of aspects that are almost self-evident. But it is not that obvious at all, because only when you consciously start working on things do you see how much you are doing unconsciously.

Listen to your body and mind

If you listen carefully, you will know exactly what you need. Think of the body and the need for the body to stretch or move (more about this later) or the need for nutrition. When your body needs nutrition to function, it asks for it. But because we are so conditioned, we fall into the trap of convenience to not have to think about it. We make the sandwiches in the early morning hours, around noon, and start eating a hot snack around five o’clock. But don’t do this and wait until your body asks for it and then think about what you need. Sometimes your body can ask very specifically for a certain substance, if you listen carefully you will know which one. Besides the fact that it is good for your body, the taste is also much better.
In fact, the same applies to the mind. The conditioned behavior gives us a certain mode in which we can function well, but whether the mind is properly listened to is the question. Sometimes the mind needs inspiration, new ideas or the mind needs silence, rest, etc. Listening helps you in the process of giving your mind what it needs at that moment. Besides being good for the mind, it also ultimately makes you feel better.

Know what you eat and drink

For many people, the 3 meals are taken for granted and a daily ritual is performed. A ritual that nourishes the internal person, but which is also often practiced thoughtlessly. One of the things that comes with this is that there is a very good chance that we eat more than our body needs. If you continue this for longer, it is also a process that postpones satiety and you therefore have to eat more and more.
You can start changing by keeping an average bite in your mouth for at least 30 to 40 chewing moments before swallowing the chewed bite. You taste more consciously and therefore better. Furthermore, saliva contains digestive enzymes (which you produce more with more chewing) and which in turn help in the process of digesting food. Provide normal amounts and occasionally review the process of how the food was created. The vegetables that are planned on the land, grown, harvested, sent to the factory, wholesale and via retail to your plate. A huge road, which we are not always aware of, but which is sometimes good to think about. But also do this quietly before your glass of wine or milk or the sandwich you are having.
Last but not least, reporting that you take some time for your diet also contributes to the awareness process.

Take care of your body

You move, if all goes well, all day long and that’s good. Because you gain your life force through exercise and that doesn’t necessarily have to be the marathon. Exercise can be anything, as long as you get hours of sunshine a day. Whether you go shopping by bike, walk the dog or put on your sneakers and go for a run, it doesn’t matter much. The most important thing is that your speed changes (increases) compared to your normal movement. And be careful not to move those exercise hours to one day, because that is less good for the body.

Take care of your mind

If you take good care of the body, it goes without saying that you also take care of the mind. Give your mind the rest it needs alternately and that rest can be shaped in different ways. But also alternate with mindfulness and you can shape this with yoga, for example, which is also good for the body. Furthermore, it is good to put the mind to work in the form of challenges and good variety. Make sure the tension does not last too long.


It is often just small adjustments that lead to a slightly different life that helps you in the process, but which can stimulate awareness.

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